bask in (something)

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bask in (something)

1. To lie in and allow oneself to be exposed to warmth, especially from the sun. I love lying on the beach and basking in the sunlight. Our dog loves to stretch across the living room rug and bask in the warmth of the fire.
2. By extension, to revel in something pleasant or enjoyable. She's still basking in the favorable reviews of her performance in the play. The child beamed as he basked in his parents' doting adoration.
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bask in something

Fig. to enjoy or revel in something, such as praise, fame, etc. (Alludes to a person or animal resting in the warming rays of the sun.) Alice enjoyed basking in her newfound fame. Lily loves basking in praise.
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bask in

1. To expose oneself to pleasant warmth: We basked in the afternoon sun at the beach.
2. To take great pleasure or pride in something; revel in something: For a long time, I basked in the success of my first book.
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