bask in

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bask in (something)

1. To lie in and allow oneself to be exposed to warmth, especially from the sun. I love lying on the beach and basking in the sunlight. Our dog loves to stretch across the living room rug and bask in the warmth of the fire.
2. By extension, to revel in something pleasant or enjoyable. She's still basking in the favorable reviews of her performance in the play. The child beamed as he basked in his parents' doting adoration.
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bask in something

Fig. to enjoy or revel in something, such as praise, fame, etc. (Alludes to a person or animal resting in the warming rays of the sun.) Alice enjoyed basking in her newfound fame. Lily loves basking in praise.
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bask in

1. To expose oneself to pleasant warmth: We basked in the afternoon sun at the beach.
2. To take great pleasure or pride in something; revel in something: For a long time, I basked in the success of my first book.
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References in classic literature ?
A TORTOISE, lazily basking in the sun, complained to the sea-birds of her hard fate, that no one would teach her to fly.
Crocodiles were seen basking in the broad blaze of the sun or plunging beneath the waters with the agility of lizards, and in their gambols they sported about among the many green islands that intercept the current of the stream.
We passed the remaining hours of daylight--some basking in the sunshine, some sketching, some collecting; Hudson made tea, I coffee, and at length we retired, each one to his blanket bag.
washed from within by a constant radiancy of pure thoughts, and from without by a constant basking in the shine of every beautiful and noble and tender thing,--I thought it not unlikely that he might fulfil his dream.
Towards noon certain of them came and squatted basking in the hot sand.
On the other side, those who are working professionals, who might find it difficult to find time to bask in the sun during the morning hours due to the strict regime to reach office or work place on time, why not think about basking in the sun during the lunch break at least for a bare minimum 15 minutes a day.
Except, of course, when you're sipping that fresh brew while basking in the view of the highly exclusive Summit Point Golf and Residential Estate.
4 Can national TV stop announcing that the country's basking in a heatwave when most rain-sodden northerners are basking in depression?
The Met Office has predicted "exceptionally mild" conditions which will see most of Wales and central England from London to The Wash basking in 18C (64F) heat.
We measured air and water temperatures ([degrees]C) at 0800 and recorded any disturbances, as well as whether turtles were basking in sun or shade.
AL FRESCO: (Top) the congregation and (above) the band singing and playing while basking in the glorious Sunday sunshine at Hade Edge Methodist Chapel last weekend Pictures by Peter Cottle (PC230510Chadeedge-PARISHIONERS held a glorious outdoor service at Hade Edge Chapel.
Chameleons fed a diet low in vitamin D spent more time basking in the sun than their counterparts, the researchers report.
And while many opted for barbecues, a trip to Knowsley Flower Show or basking in Merseyside's parks, for some the only place to cool off was the beach.
In some parts of Florida it's an everyday thing to find a gator crossing the road in front of you, seeking refuge in your backyard swimming pool, or just basking in the sun on the banks of the nearest waterway.
Amid this primeval vastness, bleached by blistering sun and blasted by tempestuous rain, the small provincial city of Tucson is a puny blip of air-conditioned civilization basking in summer temperatures that regularly reach 45 deg C.