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A journey that takes in the brutal mechanics and financial rewards of a fishery that drove this wonderful creature to near extinction and sees the slow realisation of the hunters' impact on basking shark numbers, before there is an eventual move towards understanding, conservation and protection.
Spanning across 220 hectares of lush greenery, future residents of the said development will be accorded with stunning, exhilarating views of the Malarayat Mountain Range, while basking in the soothing sound of bamboo trees and various species of birds that can be found within the area.
Dr Phillip Cowie, marine researcher at Field Studies Centre Millport, said: "It is very unusual to see a basking shark in Scotland at this time of year and unusual ever to see them in such shallow waters.
Apparently it's one of just a handful of sightings of a basking shark in the North Sea ever recorded.
Basking sharks come to graze on plankton, which blooms in Scottish waters in spring and mid-summer.
The satellite tag came off the dorsal fin of the male basking shark after 450 days collecting information about the lives of the world's second largest fish, which can grow to 36ft in length.
The UK's waters are home to 29 species of whale, dolphin, porpoise and the world's second-largest shark, the basking shark.
BASKING sharks are back in higher numbers than last summer, say the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.
The Seaquest Basking Shark Project trains the public to look out for basking sharks in day-long surveys from June 1 to August 31 at a watch point near Land's End.
THE heatwave basking Britain will continue for the whole week.
Escalating fishing has gravely diminished the populations of some of the world's largest fish, including basking sharks, and they are fast disappearing.
When I go in I'm on the lookout - Kirsty Bell, 16, unemployed, of Middlesbrough I would not mind meeting a basking shark as long as they don't eat you.
The basking sharks have been in sharp decline over the past decades and researchers are hoping that the general public can assist in reporting any sightings to scientists who are interested in electronically tagging and then tracking these animals to learn more about their behavior and distribution.
ABSTRACK--We used basking traps and hoop nets to sample turtles in Standing Stone Lake at 2-week intervals from May to November 2006.