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Alternatively, you can thread loads of meat or chicken along with vegetables on eight kabob rods that each rotate independently when inserted into the rotisserie; broil up to nine hamburgers or a hefty steak or fish fillet between a couple of racks that take a similar ride on the rods; or substitute a basketful of chicken pieces, vegetables, or whatever else your imagination dictates on the spits.
VASA MIHAILOVIC's haiku collection Vrane na snegu is divided into four sections: "Merry-Go-Round of Colors," "Human Symphony," "Feast of Irony," and "A Basketful of Varied Gifts.
Given the high degree of upper-level cronyism in the Japanese governmental and business systems, it is easy to see that such "exceptions" could be served up by the basketful.
But Joe's continuing, domineering presence causes the town's political reality to remain stagnant, cyclical rather than forward-moving: "The town had a basketful of feelings good and bad about Joe's positions and possessions, but none had the temerity to challenge him.
Poring over manuals to operate a theater with a basketful of remotes is as disappointing as when you were a kid and had to wait until the day after Christmas to buy batteries for a new toy.
The children were then instructed to pick out a turnip from a big basketful that a local farmer had donated for the cause.
This article is written to answer a basketful of letters asking the editors about stuccoing old houses.
And the detachable "claw" with built-in hand grip allows you to pick up and move darn near a bushel basketful of leaves in one fell swoop.
She had been running A Basketful of Wishes, a gift basket business, from her Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, apartment while biding time in a "stagnant" corporate job.
Mother Goose's Basketful of Rhymes, a board book and audiocasette, features Simon's voice and music she composed.
Look for everything from cleaning by the basketful to conveyor belt-fed high production washing systems.
During his surprise appearance at the Academy Awards festivities in April, he could not get through "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" without a basketful of clams.
The dump-truck lawyer cruises the halls of justice picking up petty criminal clients by the bushel basketful.
Sheriff's deputies arrested the five men and charged them with a basketful of felonies, including criminal endangerment, intimidation, and criminal syndicalism.
It is estimated that building the earthworks from dirt, basketful by basketful, would have taken five million hours of labor.