bask in (something)

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bask in (something)

1. To lie in and allow oneself to be exposed to warmth, especially from the sun. I love lying on the beach and basking in the sunlight.
2. By extension, to revel in something pleasant or enjoyable. She's still basking in the favorable reviews of her performance in the play.
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bask in something

Fig. to enjoy or revel in something, such as praise, fame, etc. (Alludes to a person or animal resting in the warming rays of the sun.) Alice enjoyed basking in her newfound fame. Lily loves basking in praise.
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bask in

1. To expose oneself to pleasant warmth: We basked in the afternoon sun at the beach.
2. To take great pleasure or pride in something; revel in something: For a long time, I basked in the success of my first book.
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References in classic literature ?
They loaded their spits, therefore, and crammed their camp kettle with meat, and while the wind whistled, and the snow whirled around them, huddled round a rousing fire, basked in its warmth, and comforted both soul and body with a hearty and invigorating meal.
At one time they were upon high plains, like platforms among the mountains, with herds of buffaloes roaming about them; at another among rude rocky defiles, broken into cliffs and precipices, where the blacktailed deer bounded off among the crags, and the bighorn basked in the sunny brow of the precipice.
During that memorable month I basked in the happiness of being for once in my life drifting with the tide of a great popular movement.
He lay and basked in the occasional stares of his comrades.
The UK basked in one of its hottest and driest Junes ever, according to provisional figures.
THE region basked in sunshine on the first day of the Easter weekend yesterday.
BOOK lovers basked in the sunshine at the Hay Festival as Wales enjoyed a warm start to the Bank Holiday weekend.
BRITAIN put parts of the Mediterranean in the shade yesterday as we basked in the hottest day of the year.
The thermometer topped 25C yesterday as the region basked in hot and humid temperatures.
The man who has basked in a good three years of positive media exposure, during which he was praised to the hilt, has begun throwing his toys out of the pram now that those naughty journalists are not saying nice things about him any more.
Alonzo Babers basked in the world spotlight as a two-time track and field Olympic gold medal winner.
The Wind is a very, very good record, one that Zevon would indeed have basked in. And, again like Brainwashed, Zevon faced his last project with bravery, grace, and wry humor.
Scots slapped on the sun lotion and basked in the first hot spell of the year yesterday.
and the weather wasn't bad either yesterday as Scots basked in a record-breaking heatwave.
AS Britain basked in the hottest day of the year yesterday this sunlover on Brighton beach was in the pink - though he might regret it later.