bask in

bask in (something)

1. To lie in and allow oneself to be exposed to warmth, especially from the sun. I love lying on the beach and basking in the sunlight.
2. By extension, to revel in something pleasant or enjoyable. She's still basking in the favorable reviews of her performance in the play.
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bask in something

Fig. to enjoy or revel in something, such as praise, fame, etc. (Alludes to a person or animal resting in the warming rays of the sun.) Alice enjoyed basking in her newfound fame. Lily loves basking in praise.
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bask in

1. To expose oneself to pleasant warmth: We basked in the afternoon sun at the beach.
2. To take great pleasure or pride in something; revel in something: For a long time, I basked in the success of my first book.
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While some people may say that Dubai's summer heat is unbearable, many tourists from various parts of the world are actually coming to the city to bask in its many attractions.
On the other side, those who are working professionals, who might find it difficult to find time to bask in the sun during the morning hours due to the strict regime to reach office or work place on time, why not think about basking in the sun during the lunch break at least for a bare minimum 15 minutes a day.
Washington, April 21(ANI): Keeping warm isn't the only reason lizards bask in the sun.
But unlike other Olympic heroes who went on to be bask in the fading glow of the winner's light, he traded the notoriety and glory for a set of flight wings and a place in an Air Force cockpit.
Two shaggy horses bask in the sun by the lone tree in the middle of a pasture between Coburg Road North and Interstate 5 north of Coburg on Monday.
But he appears at the close of each evening to bask in standing ovations from packed City Center houses, filled with fans who finally appreciate this dance that has been on the cutting edge for four decades.
Lucia's latest development, which can be conveniently accessed via the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) and Southern Luzon Expressway, allows one the luxury of being able to bask in the glory of nature beside the well-manicured fairways, as the company offers 153 fairway lots as well as residential lots ranging from 173 to 752 square meters (sqm).
Sunlovers flocked to beaches like Brighton as weathermen predicted the South East would bask in a torrid 86F today and tomorrow.
ANTHONY FARNELL plans to bask in the glory of being champion after a devastating display to regain the WBU world middleweight title in Glasgow.
MAKE IT Your bud will bask in bathtub glory in scented homemade salts.
Sunlovers flocked to beaches across Wexford, Galway and Donegal as weathermen predicted we would bask in a torrid 86F today and tomorrow.
If any are good enough to go on and become a champ then great, we can all fly the flag and bask in the reflected glory.