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on a regular basis

Quite often and/or in a consistent, regular manner. The general manager drops into the restaurant on a regular basis, so the staff members have to be on their toes at all times.
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on an irregular basis

Not very often and/or in an inconsistent, irregular manner. The general manager drops into the restaurant on a pretty irregular basis, so the members of staff tend to be pretty laid back here.
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on a first-name basis

So familiar or friendly with someone as to be comfortable referring to them by their first name (as opposed to being more formal and using their surname). Don't worry, we'll get in—I'm on a first-name basis with the owner of the club. Wow, since when are you on a first-name basis with a famous author?
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*on a first-name basis (with someone)

knowing someone very well; good friends with someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I'm on a first-name basis with John. John and I are on a first-name basis.
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on a first-name basis

Quite familiar and friendly, as in Practically all the guests were on a first-name basis. This idiom alludes to the fact that using a person's given name betokens familiarity. [Second half of 1900s]
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Miller: In Miller, (55) the Tax Court held that a taxpayer had sufficient basis in his loans to his S corporation, such that he was allowed to deduct his share of S losses.
Deductible casualty losses; payments received for granting an easement: and residential energy and first-time homebuyer credits may result in taxpayers' reducing the tax basis in their homes.
Since the second quarter of 2004, the SA delinquency rate for subprime ARM products has decreased 8 basis points to 10.
For example, assume company T has 5 stockholders, with 10 shares each and a tax basis of $10 per share--for a total tax basis of $500.
the debtor's loss carryovers and/or tax basis of his assets) must be reduced by $1.
For example, take a manager whose basic fee is 50 basis points.
302-2(c), Example (1), the basis of the shares redeemed are added to the basis of the shares A still retains.
However, under section 1001, if the repayment exceeds the creditor's basis in the loan, the taxpayer must report income.
Consider this scenario: There is a multi-billion dollar stock-for-stock merger, where the outside basis of the acquired target's stock is $1 billion, and the inside basis is only $250 million.
P owns marketable securities with a $100,000 basis and a $1 million fair market value (FMV).
First, CPAs must determine whether a cost segregation study will be beneficial for a replacement property acquired in a section 1031 exchange with the carryover tax basis.
Tax practitioners know that if the transfer of property subject to a liability results in gain recognition, there is also a step-up in the basis of the transferred property.
S by transferring $20 in exchange for common stock, asset Z, with a $130 basis and a $100 fair market value (FMV), and preferred stock.
In return shareholders get an increase in their basis that they can use to deduct additional flow-through losses.