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have had a basinful (of something)

To have had more (of something) than one can or is willing to tolerate or endure. Poor Dorothy has had a basinful of ailments over the last year. I've had a basinful of my parents' criticism over my college applications.
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have had a basinful

have had more than enough of something; wish to have no more. informal
2005 Sunday Times Blunkett has had to endure what he would call a basinful of intrusion into his private life.
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NOT A WRENCH, REALLY: Jonathan Morris in his new job as a plumber HAD A BASINFUL: Jonathan as a Halifx adviser
Ex England opener PETER RICHARDSON: "Mike must have had a basinful and a rest would do him good.
Peg was legless, Barry had a basinful and Sarah was soaking it up like there was no tomorrow.
You can spot them easily, these comic baiters, hands folded across beer bellies, faces as white and humourless as a basinful of dripping.