bash against

bash (something) against (something)

To smack something against another surface. Billy went to the nurse after he bashed his head against the low ceiling in the art studio. He bashed his guitar against the amp and it splintered apart.
See also: bash

bash something against someone or something

to strike something against someone or something. He accidentallybashed his head against a beam. She bashed her sore elbow against Ted's forehead and both of them were hurt.
See also: bash
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First Selection might be worth a bash against likely favourite Arcanada in the sunbets.
Kahit ang daming bash against her, natawid naman niya ang sagot.
I had forgotten the Welsh rugby bash against the Irish in Cardiff that afternoon.
For example, on buses, unless I sit like THAT sort of man - the man that everybody hates, the man who sits on public transport with legs at 10 to two - my kneecaps constantly bash against the seat in front.
no form, no horse in a meadow, no rock to bash against other rocks but
Patrick caused a big stir when he took 4-16 for New South Wales Blues in the preliminary final of the KFC T20 Big Bash against Tasmania in January, scooping the man of the match award in the process.
Summary: Lamps swing crazily, perspex panes bash against each other and storm clouds of flour drift into the audience.
BASH against the back of the movers' lorry and topple over.
The England party have more Twenty20 experience than their visitors - winning their first shootout international against Australia before losing this summer's bash against Sri Lanka as a prequel to their 5-0 50-over hiding.
I'm looking forward to another match and I fancy playing well again and having another good bash against another great player.
It didn't take long for the beasts to stamp around in distress and bash against the the sides of the truck, making it rock from side to side.
The game at large was not overly impressed when Celtic Manor won the right to stage the 2010 bash against the Americans but opinions are turning.
Concussions come in three categories of severity but all result from the same thing - some sort of impact to the head or body that causes the brain to bash against the inside of the skull.
Symonds called McCullum a "lump of s " following his recruitment by New South Wales to contest last Saturday's final of the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash against Victoria.
He may be 24 tomorrow but there's only one present Ryan Jones craves on his birthday bash against Scotland.