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It's commonly believed that infants are only aware of their basest physical needs, and that they must grow into higher self-awareness.
The level of debate has been no higher than a bickering couple, either, with the electorate seemingly having a choice between a group of people trying to scare us to death and another group appealing to our basest instincts about foreigners.
This survey of nearly fifty works made over the past thirty years brings together fractured collages that eviscerate celebrity, and paintings that rattle the basest drives of society by perversely encouraging them--with phrases like ASK YOUR DRUG DEALER IF YOUR HEART IS STRONG ENOUGH FOR SEXUAL ACTIVITY.
Louis, the ship of Jewish refugees turned away from Florida in 1939," Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank recently wrote about the "xenophobic bidding war" instigated by the likes of Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson, all of whom have appealed to the basest fears of the American public.
One is the basest and vulgarist kind of art; the other is the highest and noblest kind of art.
Never have so many of the noblest human values been used to cover the basest of human intentions.
His profile stated: "My wife bores me and I'm on the prowl for a hunter like me to explore the basest depths of my primordial lust."
Best condemned Desmond's arrest as disgraceful, likening it to "Jim-Crowism, at its basest." Buoyed by Best's advocacy, as well as the support of the Halifax Cornwallis Street Baptist Church and the Nova Scotia Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NSAACP), Desmond decided to contest her conviction.
It's a trademark of Lee's: observing and capturing people of a group, class, subset, interacting in particular company where, presumably, they are freest to be their basest, most organic selves.
According to the BugE-n daily's Erhan BaE-yurt, treason is the basest act that a citizen can commit against his/her country, hence it is considered a crime in all countries of the world and it is out of the question for a perpetrator of this crime to be pardoned.
John Bolton is a despicable man, and one of the basest neocons hostile to Arabs and Muslims.
Arana, a skilled storyteller, combines "a novelist's grace and a journalist's precision" (Cleveland Plain Dealer) to present this seemingly inscrutable man just as he was--deeply flawed and capable of both the noblest and basest of behaviors.
And demagoguery does nothing but appeal to our fears and basest instincts.
"We all look at numbers and basest human psychology teaches us that more is better.
"Writers have always had to choose whether to pander to the basest interests of readers, or to try to provide something of an inspirational nature," Buzzell says.