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1942) ("An act of baseness, vileness, or depravity, in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellow man or to society.").
For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks m accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.
There are some actions and emotions whose very names connote baseness, e.g., spite, shamelessness, envy; and among actions, adultery, theft, and murder....
Was it a statement of the fundamental baseness of man?
It is as if this man gave us at once the lewd and revolting spectacle of his baseness, exorcising at a single stroke that baseness common to all of us, and, at the very core of this proclaimed disgrace, the upsurging of an irreducible and 'in spite of everything' faith....
The broadsheet newspaper long resisted the inclusion of football, which was associated with negativity, vulgarity, baseness and violence.
This is a lie or hallucination that brings back to mind the baseness of some in the Syrian opposition, which drives people away and makes them fearful for the future of Syria in such individuals' hands.
He reckoned that the faster the Syrian regime falls, the sooner Hezbollah's "baseness" in Lebanon dwindles.
Do the greed of the superpowers and the baseness of their proxies know no bounds?
While Gary Schmidgall prematurely concludes that Ferdinand is "scrupulously obedient" (171) and "performs 'some kinds of baseness' without reluctance" (185), the author does locate in Ferdinand an attitude of learning that most critics overlook.
Despite its excesses it lifts the lid on human nature in all its complexities; its baseness and brutality, its selfishness, but also its charitable self-giving.
The British concertgoers who, judging from video snippets of the incident, yelled at the protesters to leave the hall weren't siding with the Israelis over the Palestinians; they were choosing culture and civility over brutality and baseness. Amen to that; progress was never achieved, nor would it ever be, by those willing to tear at the delicate fabric of our joint existence for the sake of political causes, no matter how deserving.
Husayn al-Sawaf, 25, a playwright, said in Cairo: "The Americans behaved in the same way as bin Laden: with treachery and baseness. They should've tried him in a court.