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1. Sold at a low or reduced price; very inexpensive. The term comes from a section of a department store, usually at the ground or basement level, where inexpensive items or those at reduced prices are sold. George paid nearly $500 for his designer suit, but I think my bargain-basement suit looks just as nice.
2. Of very poor or inferior quality; having very little or no value. You can tell that these are bargain-basement toys: they all broke after an hour of the kids playing with them.

basement battler

In sports, a team that is ranked in a lower division (known as the relegation or "drop" zone) of a given league, and that competes against similarly ranked teams to try and advance into a higher division. Primarily heard in UK. They face another fierce basement battler in this week's match, and a lot is at stake for both teams.
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The summary also proposed regulations for the Grand Trunk Road in Zone II and V only, stating that basement plus ground plus 1 will be allowed for plot of 500 square foot and basement plus ground plus three storeys will be allowed on plot size 500-999 sq yard.
A building located just opposite of the second basement floor turned wreckage and its rubbles have not been removed yet.
Basement water intrusion can now be expertly repaired in a consolidated timeframe.
Then, based on the secondary data, the researcher will use the questionnaire to determine the real situation of migrants' basement housing facility in Shanghai and the effects on their life.
The citizens demanded immediate arrangements for conducing anti dengue virus spray in the basement otherwise they will be forced to hold protest rallies.
Any area below grade is included as basement area, even if all or part of the area is finished with similar quality as the above-grade area.
This means that the basement can, in some instances, be substantially larger than the footprint of the original house.
Andrew Parkes is the Managing Director of Midland Tanking, a specialist design and build basement company in Leicester and an Accredited Contractor of TBIC.
The basement itself has been one of the best venues in Newcastle for many years and always had a great atmosphere.
When you insulate your basement on the inside, the rubble foundation will freeze apart, and you will get swelling from the freezing soil collapsing the wall, and adfreezing will lift the wall so high you will need a ladder to get down from the sump pit.
A basement can be as fine a living space as any other area of the house.
I am not exactly new at this, but I would like some helpful insight: I have a gas forced-air furnace in my basement with one chimney.
Bosses have revealed plans to shut the basement floor at Beatties in Wolverhampton and move its stock upstairs.
Iranian artist Hannibal Alkhas will showcase his unique painting style at the BASEMENT gallery in Dubai's Al Quoz district on 14 July.
But if they were all concentrated in one area, the way they used to be during the heyday of the bargain basement, the shopper would know where to go to find the good stuff.