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1. Sold at a low or reduced price; very inexpensive. The term comes from a section of a department store, usually at the ground or basement level, where inexpensive items or those at reduced prices are sold. George paid nearly $500 for his designer suit, but I think my bargain-basement suit looks just as nice.
2. Of very poor or inferior quality; having very little or no value. You can tell that these are bargain-basement toys: they all broke after an hour of the kids playing with them.

basement battler

In sports, a team that is ranked in a lower division (known as the relegation or "drop" zone) of a given league, and that competes against similarly ranked teams to try and advance into a higher division. Primarily heard in UK. They face another fierce basement battler in this week's match, and a lot is at stake for both teams.
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SHO Sherwani said that the fire was most probably caused by a short circuit in the store's basement, however, the actual cause would be determined after investigations.
The City will also use the pilot to learn about how to overcome barriers that owners face when seeking to convert basement units.
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"Basements Complete" is a profusely illustrated instruction manual and guide by Steve Cory that covers the most popular remodeling approaches and projects for basements, including information on preventing mold and mildew, moving pipes up or over to make more headroom, bringing more light into a dark space, mitigating radon, and sealing floors and walls.
A building located just opposite of the second basement floor turned wreckage and its rubbles have not been removed yet.
The team at Malkin Cleaners can offer a full basement flood restoration solution.
Since most of the surveys were completed in the basement which located in the neighborhood community, it took 3 months to cover all selected locations.
POLICE have discovered a cannabis factory in the basement of a Birmingham house.
If you want to get lots of free hugs on the red-letter date, try something new and invite your sweetheart to watch "The Basement."
Advances in waterproofing along with new products mean your basement rooms can be as dry and comfortable as any other room in the house.
After calling the police, he grabbed his gun and headed to the living room, when he heard an intruder in the basement and saw that the basement light was on.