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Russell upped the stakes in family chaos for "Silver Linings Playbook." Ben Affleck marshaled a band of brothers to extract not money (basely) as in "The Town," but people (nobly) in "Argo." Michael Haneke's merciless lens switched from human cruelty to nature's cruelty in "Amour," just as Robert Zemeckis left motion capture to probe addiction's capture in "Flight" and the Wachowskis pressed Tom Tykwer into another metaphysical "Matrix" to help map their "Cloud Atlas."
Mark Basely had assumed fake identities and violated the rules of his release on bail after he had been convicted of a banking scam in 2010.
Capital is enhanced (and thereby further satisfying the demands of CCAR and Basely without sacrificing growth potential or competitiveness.
That you, like others of your sex, should break faith with me is no surprise, but I had no idea you could lie so basely! I listened in at your uncle's door!
The character used for "benefit" is exactly the same as in the Mozi, but the meaning here is best translated as "self-interest" and is starkly negative--for an individual to think of self-interest, especially commercial interest, is to behave basely. Elsewhere in the Analects, again employing the character [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (li) that Mozi elevates, Confucius argues that "the great man's knowledge lies in righteousness, the small man's in self-interest" (2.16, my translation).
would arrogate so unreasonably above human condition, or derogate so basely from a whole nation of men, his brethren, as if for him only subsisting, and to serve his glory, valuing them in comparison of his own brute will and pleasure no more than so many beasts, or vermin under his feet, not to be reasoned with, but to be trod on....
Because section 1132(c)(1)(B) has been characterized as a basely punitive provision designed to punish non-compliance, (9) plan administrators should be on notice of acts that give rise to statutory penalties.
(6) This is similar to the translation of shahat from modern Hebrew as to spoil, hurt, waste; to ruin, destroy; to sin, act basely (corruptly); to kill.
Against this teaching wicked and wild people of our time have not only thought basely about this revered sacrament but, as is their wont, smuggling in the license of the flesh on the pretext of the gospel, they have said and written a great deal that is foreign to the mind of the catholic church and to custom [probata consuetudine] from apostolic times, bringing great damage to the Christian faithful.
Was he basely trying to besmirch a man of high ancestral lineage motivated to adopt a strict code of personal honor because his own origins lay in his father's rotted reputation and neglect of his family, as well as his mother's invalidism and shame?
On Thursday, the polisario separatists unscrupulously exploited this incident for basely political ends, in disregard for the victim's memory and for his grieved family.
(AA 1.688ff.) Basely, had he not so far yielded to his mother's prayers, Achilles had disguised his manhood in a woman's robe.