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comes with ill grace, indeed, from a man who, to my personal knowledge, has basely and persistently reviled Your Grace, has ridiculed and calumniated your Vicar-general, called the Superior of the Dominicans in this city "a scoundrel", besides bitterly denouncing others of his brother clergymen of this Archdiocese.
But renouncing absolutely their habits as well as their ancient and gentle origins, which they no longer even remember today, they basely came to sell their services to the whites.
The breakneck movements we see are often pelvic and the bodies lithe and chiseled, but it's never basely carnal, and the female dancers are equals, not objects.
if I were summoned to seek aid for a perishing fellow-creature, and that I could obtain that aid only by facing a vast company of critical or sneering faces, I might, perhaps, shrink basely from the duty.
They all went down; and I don't know whether I have done stern retribution--or murder; whether I have added to the corpses that litter the bed of the unreadable sea the bodies of men completely innocent or basely guilty.
behold with disdain those harsh invaders who first reduced to slavery, then basely traduced and placed ye on a level with the brutes' (Le Vaillant, 1790: 160-1).
75) Another anonymous pamphlet from 1664 detected the beast's anger against the reformed churches and warned of God's punishment for any person who, "to avoid the fury of Antichrist, shall basely betray the Truth .
Interestingly, Pickett and John Hurdis try to turn the tables on Pickett's wife, the former calling her "half a witch" when she surmises that he and John plot ill against Richard (74), and the latter, John, crying in anguish at her accusations that he has acted basely in regard to her husband and child, "The woman is a fiend--a very devil" (97)
We here look upon it as a singular co-incidence, that the dynasty founded by him who treated so basely and so cruelly that great man of Africa, Toussaint-Louverture, has now found its end, on black soil, and at the hand of brave Zulus.
be delivered from vile paper, so basely besmeared by hired hands
These experiences colored Anderson's perspective on the First World War, at times leading him to see it as a glorious opportunity for young men to escape the hollow and basely materialistic experience of working life in America.
The author follows the anti-female pronouncements of Jerome and Tertullian, who in some of their writings represent women as basely corporeal and false on account of their use of cosmetics and ornament, as discussed in Bloch, 37-63.
Still, as hard as the ministers were on Buchanan, they reserved their harshest criticism for the rebels who had basely threatened Northern prosperity and the Union.
Botch-launched on to a tide of public doubt, it has suffered death by a thousand cuts from a basely hostile press.
First recognized by Doglioni et al,[1] PAT limited to the lamina propria of the gastric mucosa is characterized by nests of variably sized lobules composed of cells with apical, coarse granules and basely placed nucleus.