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Under Missouri law, sales are sourced for local tax purposes based on origin but, as a safeguard, no purchase made from an out-of-state seller may be subject to a higher tax burden than a similar purchase made from within a taxpayer's local jurisdiction.
Another concern is that within each model companies can use various estimates based on expectations.
The Instructional Analysis step is where the development of instruction begins, based firmly in the needs assessment results.
Based On: Talent, grade point average Audition Required Number Awarded: Not specified Application Deadline: Mid-March
There are different ways of taking care of different patients, but all of them ought to be based upon good evidence.
How delinquents succeed through adventure based education.
a variable bonus award based on company and individual performance.
Semi-permanent mold releasants are crosslinkable polymers which are available in solvent based and water based forms.
Students selected a section of college algebra based on personal preference and section availability.
27) allows publicly funded religious agencies to hire and fire workers based on their religious beliefs.
Based on our experience, adventure-based counseling is a useful method for school counselors to implement with students.
Annual awards may be based on achieving specified performance goals, or they may be wholly or partially discretionary and based on intangible criteria.
Second, incentives and retirement benefits are based on the increased value created for shareholders.
Based on our suggested approach, the compensation paid to executives listed in the proxy statement for the December 31, 1994, SEC year would be subject to the limitation (and its exceptions) for the corporation's taxable year ending June 30, 1995.