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Unlike Monte Carlo that randomly selects thousands of samples relative to a client's time line and is statistically based on a bell curve to try to predict a future unknown outcome of portfolio performance, BetaVest relies on historical rolling period analysis.
Namely, smaller businesses that currently collect and remit state sales taxes based on a single rate (as determined by their location) under an origin-based system would be required to determine, collect and remit taxes based on the rates in their customers' localities using a destination-based system.
"He's able to explain cellular actions based on simple molecular rules.
Financing was based on a 20 year term with a 20 year amortization;
Finally, NASFAA recommends that the reauthorized HEA direct the Secretary of Education to conduct a study of alternative measurements of institutional need for campus-based funds considering factors such as distribution of EFCs, state grants, institutional grants (need and non-need based), the distribution of full-time and part-time students, and tuition discounts.
* This valuation should be based on the observable market price, when available, of an instrument with the same or similar terms.
There were 53 hate crime offenses based on disability.
Instructional content should be firmly based in both subject knowledge and good instructional design.
A full or partial recalibration of the Framework may be considered based on the results of the QIS-4 exercise.
based on 52 interviews with managers at 12 of the top 20 North American pulp and paper companies.
In many programs, however, practicum continues to be a clinically based experience with little to no connection to the school environment.
The current database review is based on the author's observations of the SAARMS program from 1995 through the present and interviews with current programmers and users of the system.
Based On: Achievement in conventions or competitions
NeighborCare recently launched an Evidence Based Medicine training program for consultant pharmacists aimed at saving skilled nursing centers money and decreasing resident adverse drug reactions.
The majority of TEI members work for multinational companies that engage in international trade, including many non-U.S, based enterprises.