base (up)on

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base (up)on

To found or root something on a particular idea or occurrence. A noun or pronoun can be used between "base" and "on" or "upon." My love of science is based upon an interest in experimentation. Unfortunately, she has a low opinion of me. I think she based it on our first meeting, which didn't go well.
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base something (up)on someone or something

to ground something, such as one's opinion, decision, or thinking, on someone or something; to found one's ideas or attitude on something. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) I base my opinion on many, many facts. I based my opinion upon my own seasoned judgment.
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base on

To form, develop, or found something on the basis of something else: I based my decision on the information you gave me. The film was based on a popular book.
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According to a careful calculation I have made, and which I partly base upon Captain Scoresby's estimate, of seventy tons for the largest sized Greenland whale of sixty feet in length; according to my careful calculation, I say, a Sperm Whale of the largest magnitude, between eighty-five and ninety feet in length, and something less than forty feet in its fullest circumference, such a whale will weigh at least ninety tons; so that reckoning thirteen men to a ton, he would considerably outweigh the combined population of a whole village of one thousand one hundred inhabitants.
Their old friendship and its firm base upon indestructible qualities of character crumbled, and her whole past seemed foolish, herself weak and credulous, and Ralph merely the shell of an honest man.
The new 5 Series platform will be the base upon which BMW launches its electro-mechanical steering system, dubbed "Active Steering." Unlike regular power steering, which has either a fixed or narrowly variable steering ratio, or full steer-by-wire, where the only connection between the steering wheel and the road wheels are electrical wires, Active Steering connects the steering wheel and road wheels through a planetary gearbox.