barter for

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barter for

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. A noun can be used between "barter" and "for." I bartered some old records for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I'm going to try to barter for that antique chair. Should I offer my Tiffany lamp?
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barter (something) for (something else)

to trade something for something else. He sought to barter the car for a large computer. She bartered the piano for a settee.
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barter for something

 and barter over something
to trade [something] for something else; to acquire something by exchanging goods or services, not by using money. I want to barter for a large amount of cloth. Will you barter for this month's rent? We will not barter over what you owe us.
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Although emphasis of the passage is on the necessity of reporting all bartering for services on Form 1099-MISC and Form W-2, and the withholding and payment of taxes on such, it states that services obtained from independent contractors in exchange for services and products are "deductible.
More detail on the annual amount of bartering for the reporting companies is presented in Table 3.
The table shows that 25% of the companies reporting have been engaged in bartering for over 20 years.
Despite the fact that many of the companies have engaged in bartering for years, the accounting practices for bartering appear to differ substantially among companies.