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barter away

To swap or trade something, often for an item of lesser value. I can't believe you bartered away your car in exchange for a few old records.
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barter for

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. A noun or pronoun can be used between "barter" and "for." I bartered some old records for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I'm going to try to barter for that antique chair. Should I offer my Tiffany lamp?
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barter off

To relinquish ownership of an item by trading it to another person. A noun or pronoun can be used between "barter" and "off." I didn't need that old piece of junk, so I bartered it off. I can't believe you bartered off your car in exchange for a few old records.
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barter with

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. I bartered with some guy at the flea market for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I don't have any cash right now—will you barter with me?
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barter for something

 and barter over something
to trade [something] for something else; to acquire something by exchanging goods or services, not by using money. I want to barter for a large amount of cloth. Will you barter for this month's rent? We will not barter over what you owe us.
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barter something away

to trade something away; to lose something of value in a trade. Don't barter my car away! Don't barter away anything of such high value.
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barter (something) for (something else)

to trade something for something else. He sought to barter the car for a large computer. She bartered the piano for a settee.
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barter something off

to get rid of something by trading it for something else. See if you can barter that old desk off. She bartered off the used bookshelf.
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barter with someone

to enter into trading with someone without using money; to bargain with someone. Are you willing to barter with me, or is this strictly a cash transaction?
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An ethical approach to bartering that requires careful thought and respect for the patient's needs appears consistent with a primary goal of treatment: "to increase the capacity of individuals to make more rational choices in their lives and to be relatively freer from disabling conflicts." (20) Some authors criticize slippery-slope arguments and strict-rule ethical approaches as being too rigid, limiting, or risk-averse.
However, there are other alternatives for the commodities bartering system in Moscow.
Currently the tax code kicks in during any tax year when your bartering items were valued at $600 or more.
In the context of this paper, "bartering" is used to describe the use of goods and/or services as payment for mental health services.
But the fact that the painter receives Form 1099-MISC and the attorney does not is evidence, however indirectly stated, that the IRS does indeed concede the deductibility of business expenses settled through bartering. In the case of the attorney, it is documentation attesting to the "payment" of nonemployee compensation to, as well as its receipt by, the painter--that is, it is prima facie evidence supporting the tax deduction by the attorney for the business expense of having his office painted.
"As consumers look for more creative ways of overcoming the credit crunch, we expect bartering to move even more into the mainstream."
I know that around the country there are special organisations set up especially for proper bartering but they all seem a bit worthy and nice.
The benefits of bartering or trucking shall be commented upon when we discuss them.
Obsolete scrap will probably continue to be sold more on a month-to-month basis, despite some large consumers of steel having a greater interest in developing something of a bartering approach to lessen the volatility of the price spikes for steel.
But today, bartering has become the modern way to business with a surplus of inventory, unsold goods, and unused labor.
Thus, more execs back corporate bartering as a solution to selling excess ad airtime.
The ancient art of bartering has made a comeback among Midland small businesses, with over 100 now signed up to an on-line bartering system.
IF YOU WHO THINK BARTERING went out when money came into use, think again.
"By bartering with us they save tens of millions in expenses."
The association serves to ensure that consistent financial, fiscal, and ethical practices are pursued by all independent, commercial bartering enterprises worldwide through accreditation and training programs.