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barter away

To swap or trade something, often for an item of lesser value. I can't believe you bartered away your car in exchange for a few old records.
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barter for

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. A noun or pronoun can be used between "barter" and "for." I bartered some old records for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I'm going to try to barter for that antique chair. Should I offer my Tiffany lamp?
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barter off

To relinquish ownership of an item by trading it to another person. A noun or pronoun can be used between "barter" and "off." I didn't need that old piece of junk, so I bartered it off. I can't believe you bartered off your car in exchange for a few old records.
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barter over (something)

To engage in a trade or exchange for something, rather than paying for it with money. After bartering over the antique sofa, he agreed to let me have it in exchange for my vinyl collection. Please don't barter over the things in your lunchbox with the kids at school. Just eat what I pack for you!
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barter with

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. I bartered with some guy at the flea market for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I don't have any cash right now—will you barter with me?
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barter for something

 and barter over something
to trade [something] for something else; to acquire something by exchanging goods or services, not by using money. I want to barter for a large amount of cloth. Will you barter for this month's rent? We will not barter over what you owe us.
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barter something away

to trade something away; to lose something of value in a trade. Don't barter my car away! Don't barter away anything of such high value.
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barter (something) for (something else)

to trade something for something else. He sought to barter the car for a large computer. She bartered the piano for a settee.
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barter something off

to get rid of something by trading it for something else. See if you can barter that old desk off. She bartered off the used bookshelf.
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barter with someone

to enter into trading with someone without using money; to bargain with someone. Are you willing to barter with me, or is this strictly a cash transaction?
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As a result of this division provided by the barter exchange, when a member provides a bartered product or performs a bartered service, its fair market value is recorded by the exchange in the member's account in terms of barter or trade dollars, and taxable income is recognized, as in a normal sale.
Cheek presents profiles of some of the soloists who have appeared in The Bartered Bride.
He devotes an unusual amount of space to dance in The Bartered Bride (which is understandable given that his partner in life is the Czech ballet dancer Bohuslava Jelinkova, who has danced in three productions of The Bartered Bride at the National Theatre).
Cheek goes on to give brief profiles of the main characters in The Bartered Bride.
The annual amount of bartered goods ranged from less than $150,000 to over $15 million.
How long is the length of the average bartered contact?
Three stated that they bartered goods because of the lack of hard currency in their barter-partner's country.
One health-and-beauty-aids company bartered 68,000 cases of product, 45 different SKUs, with a wholesale value of $12 million.
Transactions are valued in barter points, which are assigned to every good or service bartered by the companies involved.
* Secure a contractual agreement on where the bartered product will be remarketed.
Of the 67, stations who acknowledge using barter for promotional purposes, 32.8 percent give the goods to charity, while 42.7 percent use bartered goods in-house.
Having more than enough pork for my taste, I bartered the extra half with a dairy farmer for half a cow for my freezer.
Strawberries are a favorite fruit of everyone and are easily bartered. A quarter-acre of strawberries and a quarter-acre of varied fruit trees (peaches work well) can be readily traded for other foodstuffs or small services with neighbors in an urban or rural area.
Services can be bartered also, especially in urban areas.
For this same reason, the alcabala should not be paid in the opposite case either, that is, when a profane good is bartered for another good considered of inestimable value.