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The use of barter middlemen appears to be common among Fortune 500 companies, as 42% of the respondents who bartered had used intermediaries.
The annual amount of bartered goods ranged from less than $150,000 to over $15 million.
How long is the length of the average bartered contact?
Three stated that they bartered goods because of the lack of hard currency in their barter-partner's country.
At what value are the bartered transactions recorded?
There was considerable variation over who approves the bartered transactions.
One health-and-beauty-aids company bartered 68,000 cases of product, 45 different SKUs, with a wholesale value of $12 million.
Transactions are valued in barter points, which are assigned to every good or service bartered by the companies involved.
Secure a contractual agreement on where the bartered product will be remarketed.