barter for

barter for

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. A noun or pronoun can be used between "barter" and "for." I bartered some old records for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I'm going to try to barter for that antique chair. Should I offer my Tiffany lamp?
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barter (something) for (something else)

to trade something for something else. He sought to barter the car for a large computer. She bartered the piano for a settee.
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barter for something

 and barter over something
to trade [something] for something else; to acquire something by exchanging goods or services, not by using money. I want to barter for a large amount of cloth. Will you barter for this month's rent? We will not barter over what you owe us.
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The same thing holds true of all other possessions; for barter, in general, had its original beginning in nature, some men having a surplus, others too little of what was necessary for them: hence it is evident, that the selling provisions for money is not according to the natural use of things; for they were obliged to use barter for those things which they wanted; but it is plain that barter could have no place in the first, that is to say, in family society; but must have begun when the number of those who composed the community was enlarged: for the first of these had all things in common; but when they came to be separated they were obliged to exchange with each other many different things which both parties wanted.
(9) In 2010, Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden encouraged barter for health care and harkened back to an earlier time where "they would bring a chicken to the doctor; they would say 'I'll paint your house.'" (10)
While barter for large firms might be a continuing process regardless of business cycles, for small firms barter is a tool to deal with fluctuating demand.
In any economy, the intelligent use of barter for advertising allows hotel and resort owners to boost efficiencies, convert their unsold rooms and meeting space into real currency that can be used to purchase major advertising campaigns.
Registered members can barter for essential services provided by other companies signed up to the site, typically for setting up their website, branding, logos and PR.
Travel Business Review-January 12, 2011--Black Star Beer to Host Beer Barter for Annual Whitefish Winter Carnival(C)2011] ENPublishing -
But, despite their enthusiasm for haggling while they are on holiday only 18% of people claim they regularly barter for things in the UK.
But, despite enthusiasm for haggling on holiday, only 18 per cent claim they regularly barter for things in the UK.
But, despite an enthusiasm for haggling on holiday, only 18 per cent of people claim they barter for things in the UK.
(26) Moreover, just as the sale of such goods is considered invalid because of simony, so too shall the barter for a profane good be considered invalid; and we know that for an invalid sale or barter no alcabala should be paid.
companies participate in barter for a total of more than $16 billion in annual sales.
I hate to break the news to you, but just like there's no such thing as a free lunch and no one can turn lead into gold, no one can turn unwanted inventory into "gold." You may have seen all the advertising or even been approached by salesmen offering to buy or sometimes barter for your unwanted inventory for credits that can be spent on national TV advertising just like cash.
The inventory is sold for cash or used to barter for the media and travel needed for "trade fulfillment." The manufacrurer effectively swaps the inventory for media and travel, with the trade credits lubricating the transaction by allowing the sale (of inventory) and purchase (of media and travel) to be separated in time.
Many of the companies barter for more than one reason.
In 1991, a barter firm gave the hotel money to buy the computers in exchange for more than $300,000 in room credits that the firm can use or, with the hotel's approval, sell or barter for other goods or services.