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barter away

To swap or trade something, often for an item of lesser value. I can't believe you bartered away your car in exchange for a few old records.
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barter for

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. A noun or pronoun can be used between "barter" and "for." I bartered some old records for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I'm going to try to barter for that antique chair. Should I offer my Tiffany lamp?
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barter off

To relinquish ownership of an item by trading it to another person. A noun or pronoun can be used between "barter" and "off." I didn't need that old piece of junk, so I bartered it off. I can't believe you bartered off your car in exchange for a few old records.
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barter over (something)

To engage in a trade or exchange for something, rather than paying for it with money. After bartering over the antique sofa, he agreed to let me have it in exchange for my vinyl collection. Please don't barter over the things in your lunchbox with the kids at school. Just eat what I pack for you!
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barter with

To swap or trade items with another person, rather than exchanging money. I bartered with some guy at the flea market for a futon, so now I have a place to sleep, at least. I don't have any cash right now—will you barter with me?
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barter for something

 and barter over something
to trade [something] for something else; to acquire something by exchanging goods or services, not by using money. I want to barter for a large amount of cloth. Will you barter for this month's rent? We will not barter over what you owe us.
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barter something away

to trade something away; to lose something of value in a trade. Don't barter my car away! Don't barter away anything of such high value.
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barter (something) for (something else)

to trade something for something else. He sought to barter the car for a large computer. She bartered the piano for a settee.
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barter something off

to get rid of something by trading it for something else. See if you can barter that old desk off. She bartered off the used bookshelf.
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barter with someone

to enter into trading with someone without using money; to bargain with someone. Are you willing to barter with me, or is this strictly a cash transaction?
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The order also constituted the Mindanao Barter Council, tasked to "supervise, coordinate, and harmonize policies, and programs" on barter trading in the island.
Aside from the Philippines and Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia -- which are part of the so-called East Asian Growth Area -- "are linked by a long history of history and economic trade relations, with barter as a major form of commercial exchange," Executive Order No.
The revival of the Mindanao barter system is expected to help promote growth in the area.
He called Barter extremely dangerous and thanked the officers for stopping him from what he said would be a monstrous crime.
But for these services, I can barter by offering material trades, homemade foods, or general labor hours.
US-based business-to-business barter membership organisation Superbiz has acquired New York, US-based barter exchanges Primary Trade Solutions, which had recently acquired East End Barter, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 20, 2017-Superbiz Acquires 2 New York Barter Exchanges
AN AMRITSAR- BASED million dollar business, a thriving trading house in downtown Srinagar and another in Old Delhi are among many now being probed by the National Investigation Agency for ' bankrolling' separatists and stone throwers in the Valley using slush funds generated through the border- barter trade.
As a result, some mental health professionals make barter arrangements to help their patients enter or continue treatment.
On a cold, sunny day in Acadia National Park, Christian Barter crunched through late-March snow--unseasonable, even for northern Maine.
Mary Hyatt (Barter Gaulin) passed away peacefully on 01 January 2015 at the Chemainus Health Centre in Chemainus, British Columbia at the age of 89.
A plaque has been unveiled to Company Sergeant Major Frederick Barter, the first Cardiffian to be awarded the Victoria Cross.
Dubai -- Local classifieds website,, has launched the first online barter shop in the UAE, which provides visitors with the option to trade items, products or services with others for things, rather than spending cash.
In this episode, Jerry learns that money isn't everything in: "He Learned to Barter"
He asserted that statements by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb were misunderstood as a full commercial barter.