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barrow boy

A boy or man who sells fruit, vegetables, or other comestibles from a handcart (barrow) on the streets. Primarily heard in UK. When spring arrives, you can hear the calls of barrow boys selling their goods along the avenues.
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barrow man

1. A boy or man who sells goods (usually fruit, vegetables, or other comestibles) from a handcart (barrow) on the streets. Primarily heard in UK. When spring arrives, you can hear the calls of barrow men selling their goods along the avenues.
2. obsolete A prison convict whose sentence is transportation (deportation to a penal colony, such as the Americas or Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries). The term refers to Woolwich prison bulk inmates whose primary labor was to haul dirt and bricks in wheelbarrows. Primarily heard in UK. I was once a barrow man on the street, selling fruit to the people; but then I killed a man for money, and now I am a barrow man set for Australia.
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'Keep that barrow back now,' cried Wardle, when it had been hoisted over a stile into another field, and Mr.
Pickwick from the barrow, horror-stricken at the long man's dark insinuations.
'Well,' said Wardle, walking up to the side of the barrow, and wiping the streams of perspiration from his jolly red face;
Pickwick expressed a strong desire to recollect a song which he had heard in his infancy, and the attempt proving abortive, sought to stimulate his memory with more glasses of punch, which appeared to have quite a contrary effect; for, from forgetting the words of the song, he began to forget how to articulate any words at all; and finally, after rising to his legs to address the company in an eloquent speech, he fell into the barrow, and fast asleep, simultaneously.
Pickwick asleep in the barrow, and to call for him on their return.
It was the most mysterious and unaccountable thing that was ever heard of For a lame man to have got upon his legs without any previous notice, and walked off, would have been most extraordinary; but when it came to his wheeling a heavy barrow before him, by way of amusement, it grew positively miraculous.
If their most intense gratification had been awakened by seeing him wheeled in, how many hundredfold was their joy increased when, after a few indistinct cries of 'Sam!' he sat up in the barrow, and gazed with indescribable astonishment on the faces before him.
The negro had burrowed down into his hiding-place upon the barrow, where he might have lain snug enough, had it not been for the red gear upon his head.
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is due to return here on Sunday after seeking medical treatment in Cuba, according to an official statement issued here.
EAST MIDLANDS COUNTIES LEAGUE BARROW TOWN 6 CLIPSTONE 2 BARROW Town made it two wins out of two under Kris Nurse in the East Midlands Counties League on Saturday with an impressive 6-2 win over Clipstone.
SPEEDY Mo Barrow pulled the handbrake on Preston's promotion drive and parked Reading further away from the drop zone.
Here Barrow CofE Primary School, Barrow, School Lane, Great Barrow, Chester, CH3 7HW, is put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area.
>>BARROW NAMED PERMANENT WREXHAM BOSS A 4-0 FA Cup defeat to Newport County helped persuade Graham Barrow he wanted the Wrexham job full-time.
"I'M SUCH A NERD," LAUGHS ROBERT SERRELL, executive director of the Barrow Group Theatre Company and School, then launches into a detailed explanation of search engine optimization techniques.