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man the barricades

To launch or participate in a protest against some group, organization, or policy one disagrees with. People around the country are manning the barricades following the president's most recent policy announcement. I would be willing to man the barricades if some giant corporation ever tried to buy out our local businesses.
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on opposite sides of the barricade(s)

Occupying conflicting, opposing, and/or contrary positions on some issue or in some situation. Unfortunately, it seems more and more to be the case that those who would see the economy recover and those who strive for social equality find themselves on opposite sides of the barricade.
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man (or go to) the barricades

strongly protest against a government or other institution or its policy.
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Mark Traugott, author of a study of Parisian workers during France's 1848 Revolution, offers a comprehensive history of the barricade, covering its origins, construction, and spread.
While the barricades were removed, security forces will continue to be stationed around the ministry, and the rolls of razor wire currently in place in front of the ministry will remain.
Ron Mondor, President, Zantek said, "Barricades and Signs is experiencing tremendous growth.
Protesters enraged by the results of Haiti's troubled presidential election have set up barricades and political offices ablaze, traded blows with UN peacekeepers and shut down the country's lone international airport, creating the social upheaval many have feared since the January 12 earthquake.
More than 30 people, including 10 children, have been killed after a bus in southern India hit a police barricade, flipped over and burst in flames, news reports said.
The sell-out musical theatre show Beyond the Barricade will be performed at the free Songs in the Park event in Crow Nest Park, Dewsbury on Saturday, August 22.
The interior minister, Hanif Atmar, said in response that he will take on the barricades seriously and that a commission will be assigned to assess how to deal with the issue.
"For two years, concrete barricades have had a profound effect on me.
The hydraulic barricade can be towed in place by a relatively light vehicle.
A review of plans for storing ammunition at the Theater Storage Area at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, has led to a significant change in the rules for constructing safety barricades at ammunition storage sites.
Water-filled longitudinal channelizing barricades provide clear visual guidance to vehicles and pedestrians approaching and traversing sudden, unusual, or unexpected traffic patterns around temporary work zones.
AROUND 800 protesters surged past Secret Service barricades in a bid to prevent US president George Bush from visiting the grave of Martin Luther King on what would have been the civil rights leader's 75thbirthday.
In a study of 1,912 incidents of hostage taking or barricades, nearly 2 percent of the subjects were 65 years of age or older.
Certains endroits en particulier excitaient leur colere, par exemple, toute mention des quartiers revolutionnaires ("la rue Antoine" ou "la rue Honore"), des champs de bataille imperiaux ("l'on se bat sur le Rhin"), ainsi que des barricades de 1830, 1848 ou de 1871, les mauvais lieux, les "bouges," les chambres entretenues par des "vieilles." Comme je l'ai suggere ailleurs (La Subversion silencieuse), ces lieux inquietaient les censeurs car ils etaient hautement narratifs, porteurs de plusieurs mondes possibles dont il etait difficile de prevoir et ainsi de controler les interpretations.
Everywhere are military checkpoints, soldiers toting automatic rifles, accordion-wire barricades, and sandbagged machine guns and bazookas.