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man the barricades

To launch or participate in a protest against some group, organization, or policy one disagrees with. People around the country are manning the barricades following the president's most recent policy announcement. I would be willing to man the barricades if some giant corporation ever tried to buy out our local businesses.
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on opposite sides of the barricade(s)

Occupying conflicting, opposing, and/or contrary positions on some issue or in some situation. Unfortunately, it seems more and more to be the case that those who would see the economy recover and those who strive for social equality find themselves on opposite sides of the barricade.
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man (or go to) the barricades

strongly protest against a government or other institution or its policy.
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"There were numerous pre-warning signs regarding the closure as well as traffic barrels and barricades put in place to protect the workers who were present throughout the night," according to a news release from the Racine County Sheriff's Office.
The team hit another milestone April 17 with the first barricade arrestment of an F/A-18E Super Hornet, which weighed about 44,000 pounds and hit the barricade traveling at more than 112 knots.
Andy Reiss and David Fawcett devised Beyond the Barricade after appearing in the Manchester and London casts of Les Miserables.
Beyond the Barricade recreates the original hit songs from the West End/Broadway musicals with an amazing authenticity, in a blockbusting two hour show which ends with a stunning finale from Les Mis, and is now established as the nation's favourite musical theatre concert.
No barricade was placed for the identification of ditch by water board or traffic police which can cause more accidents while water has spread far away on the road due to repair work.
The VTAC Barricade was designed to give shooters an easy, range-worthy, training tool that can be used frequently to help develop the ability to return fire from awkward, nonstandard positions.
The first time involved the Germans attacking [...] and I was at the barricade--the barricade was made from sandbags and other things.
Reports on Tuesday's barricade showed that residents placed old tires, appliances, bicycles and wooden barricades to block the road.
These "rock drops" that can be spotted on major highways and railways stretching from Seoul to the inter-Korean border are legacies of the Cold War era -- anti-tank barricades.
I was at the barricade the first day of the desmadre [PFP repression], there I painted a semitrailer, it was for the people of my barrio because they asked me, "Why don't you paint something over here, in the barrio?" I said "Of course!" [It read] !Viva Pueblo Nuevo!
MARDyN (CyHAN)- Terrorists from the Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement (YDG-H) -- an affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) -- established barricade on Ecay-cay- Street in the Nusaybin district of Mardin on Monday.
Blockade said that the funds will support the continued commercialisation of the Barricade Coil System and will also be used for the continued development of novel neurovascular devices for the treatment of aneurysms, stroke and other neurovascular conditions.
Both attacks in Sydney and Paris are prominent, recent examples of jihadist barricade hostage sieges, a scenario of very rare occurrence in the Western context over the last three decades.
Shortly after chain link fencing was introduced, event organizers began inquiring about barricade fencing (or bike rack fencing) to be used at their large events where crowd control was necessary.
CARACAS, Venezuela -- A National Guardsman and a civilian were killed Thursday in a clash between residents of a Caracas neighborhood and armed men who tried to remove a barricade, Venezuelan officials said.