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on opposite sides of the barricade(s)

Occupying conflicting, opposing, and/or contrary positions on some issue or in some situation. Unfortunately, it seems more and more to be the case that those who would see the economy recover and those who strive for social equality find themselves on opposite sides of the barricade.
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man the barricades

To launch or participate in a protest against some group, organization, or policy one disagrees with. People around the country are manning the barricades following the president's most recent policy announcement. I would be willing to man the barricades if some giant corporation ever tried to buy out our local businesses.
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man (or go to) the barricades

strongly protest against a government or other institution or its policy.
See also: barricade, man
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These "rock drops" that can be spotted on major highways and railways stretching from Seoul to the inter-Korean border are legacies of the Cold War era -- anti-tank barricades.
Var of barricades set by municipal truck left as cross positon
8220;Our clients have saved both time and money through bundling barricade fencing rentals with our well established line of portable restroom services, especially at large events.
Barricades of garbage, furniture and burning tires have become a daily occurrence, snarling traffic in cities.
Reiss and Fawcett devised Beyond The Barricade after appearing in the Manchester and London casts of Les Miserables - Fawcett played Valjean in both productions and Reiss portrayed most of the male characters, including Enjolras and Valjean.
The Barricade Bracket is designed to work in conjunction with A-frame barricades to provide a more secure enclosed work zone.
On the eve of the step, news of which has received praise from Palestinian and Lebanese figures alike, a statement was distributed in Ain al-Hilweh that included an invitation to residents to participate in breaking down the barricade.
Traugott devotes the first six chapters to tracing barricade history.
Ultimate Software (Nasdaq:ULTI), a provider of unified human capital management SaaS solutions, said on Wednesday that UltiPro Workplace has been deployed by Bob's Barricades, a privately owned barricade company in the US.
Now Les Misrables is celebrated when the show, Beyond The Barricade, visits venues in Wales this month.
Moments after this live picture was taken the singer was hurt after she crashed into a barricade when a stage stunt went badly wrong.
More than 30 people, including 10 children, have been killed after a bus in southern India hit a police barricade, flipped over and burst in flames, news reports said.
NOW in its 10th record-breaking year, Beyond The Barricade is the most successful and popular touring production of its kind and arrives in Durham this September.
Then six kneeling, six left hand barricade, and six right hand barricade at 25 yards, all in 90 seconds.
The sell-out musical theatre show Beyond the Barricade will be performed at the free Songs in the Park event in Crow Nest Park, Dewsbury on Saturday, August 22.