barrel of laughs

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barrel of laughs

Fun, funny, and pleasant. Often used sarcastically to indicate that someone is unpleasant or not enjoyable to be around. A: "Is Mr. Grant always cranky?" B: "Oh, yeah—he's a real barrel of laughs!" I always have so much fun when Katie's around—she's totally a barrel of laughs!
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a barrel of laughs

a source of fun or amusement. informal
1996 Mail on Sunday Seeing so many old people gathered all in one place was hardly a barrel of laughs.
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a barrel/bundle of ˈlaughs

(informal, often ironic) very amusing; a lot of fun: Life hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs lately.
See also: barrel, bundle, laugh, of
References in periodicals archive ?
With terrorist atrocities, Grenfell Tower, Brexit, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, cyber attacks and dodgy deals made to prop up a weak government, it hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs.
This new monthly stand-up night will be bringing award-winning comedians to your doorstep for the ultimate barrel of laughs and is open to all.
Sounds like a right barrel of laughs at BP, doesn't it?
Meanwhile, there is a subplot that involves Stephen's friends Charles and Thelma (Stephen Campbell Moore and Saskia Reeves) and a shady Government scheme, which takes a bizarre turn and ultimately brings more sorrow to Stephen's door - told you it wasn't a barrel of laughs.
The Palace of Versailles doesn't seem to be a barrel of laughs at the moment.
LIFE'S a barrel of laughs for Pete Coates - the only known brewery cooper in Wales.
After all, not everyone wants to wander around in designer dresses or Jimmy Choos or compete for the Rear of the Year or whatever it is" TV wildlife presenter Kate Humble, above, who has described herself as epitomising the "dragged-through-a-hedgebackwards look" "It is no fun being in a relationship with a philanderer, a gambler, someone with dubious personal hygiene and it is certainly no barrel of laughs hooking up with a dedicated dieter" Broadcaster Vanessa Feltz "Some hot tips for losing those stubborn pounds: number one best exercise - push yourself away from the dining table" Actress Joan Collins "I soon realised that the Greens and their industrial and bureaucratic allies are used to getting things their own way.
Kitty was a barrel of laughs, also a very caring person.
10 Cheltenham Sporting (50:25:10) 12-15 Time For Spring, 11-14 Stewarts House, 9-12 Barrel Of Laughs, 8-11 Estates Recovery, Swing Bill, Bai Zhu, Bescot Springs, Somatic, 7-9 Sound Stage, 6-8 Pigeon Island, 4-6 Quattrocento, 2-4 Fort View, Masked Man, Frosted Grape Match bet Estates Recovery/Bescot Springs - 0.
It may have been billed as a Barrel of Fun, but it was certainly not a Barrel of laughs.
2 JAMIE HEWITT reports COACH Ray Wilkins swears Le Sulk Nicolas Anelka is now a barrel of laughs after he helped send Chelsea into the fifth round.
Life in the 14th century wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs.
Life at The Lawn hadn't been a barrel of laughs for the perennial Conference strugglers this season, and their opening seven games bought a level of consistency that no-one wanted.