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It follows a barrage of criticism and accusations of corruption from the Congress party president, Rahul Gandhi, about the irregularities and discrepancies involved in the $8.7-billion deal.
Wonga has faced a barrage of criticism over the high interest it charges on its loans.
Despite a barrage of criticism regarding his tweet, Razlan did not apologize nor remove his tweet, and instead defended it by saying that it was not meant to be an insult.
Duterte and Valles had a private meeting in Malacanang as the president is facing a barrage of criticism for saying that God is "stupid" for letting temptation corrupt his work.
Seeing a barrage of criticism directed at her for her 'beard donning' photo, she took to Twitter to clarify her position.
The app has attracted a barrage of criticism and has been linked to sex offences against children up and down the country.
MARK HUGHES knows he faces a barrage of criticism if Stoke fail to beat fellow strugglers Newcastle.
Trump's decision was met by a barrage of criticism and condemnations from many Arab and world leaders, while protests took places in Gaza strip, West Bank and different parts of the Arab world.
While the mum of five received the expected barrage of criticism, there are a lot of fans who are a bit surprised at how much they like it.
New Delhi -- Faced with a barrage of criticism from various quarters over his statements on alleged 'cross-Line of Control strikes' by Indian army, country Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said he had stopped using the word 'strike', Indian media reported.
THE head of the inquiry into historic child sex abuse has stepped down after a barrage of criticism from victims.
AMERICAN organisers of a children's beauty pageant have faced a barrage of criticism when it emerged they were going to hold a competition in Ireland.
The ads launch as the Redskins face a fresh barrage of criticism over their nickname this year.
Summary: London: A leading BBC sports presenter was deluged by a barrage of criticism after he ...
The decision from TSA comes following a barrage of criticism from politicians, unions, airlines and consumers.