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At Sukkur barrage, River Indus was flowing with low flood as inflow of 180200 cusecs and outflow of 139600 cusecs.
According to the Flood Forecasting Division, Indus River was flowing from low to medium floods at Guddu and Sukkur barrages respectively.
River water flows showed that Guddu Barrage was currently having medium level flows of 397,089 cusecs upstream and 362,839 cusecs downstream whereas Sukkur Barrage is also having medium flood level with upstream flows of 364,630 cusecs and downstream flows of 303,625 at 6pm.
A press note from the Telangana Chief Minister's Office said, "These barrages and pump houses are constructed as part of the Kaleswaram project.
The proposed Sindh Barrage Project is scheduled to be completed in December 2024 by implementing the project on fast-track.
He said he will also visit other barrages of the province.
The letter further states that Sindh's irrigation department has been claiming that the water losses between Punjab and Guddu Barrage range between 19% and 28%, which is 'not conceivable'.
In view of this, he suggested the state government initiate feedback from the villagers and fishermen first, before carrying out construction work on the barrage project.
The chief minister said that the study for construction of new barrage have already been conducted, now feasibility report was required to assess the actual alignment of the bridge and the expenditures to be incurred on and the time frame for completion of the work.
The chief minister was told that the allocation for Guddu Barrage 31100 and Balochistan 6700, Sukkur Barrage 5600 and Balochistan 2200 and Kotri Barrage 32500.
He took this decision while presiding over a meeting of irrigation department to review water position at different barrages here at the CM House in Karachi.
Le taux de remplissage du barrage de Bin El Ouidane (province d'Azilal) s'est etabli quant a lui a 55,6% (685,46 millions de m3), contre 47,4% en glissement annuel (585 millions de m3).
The Sindh government has decided to carry out study for the construction of a new barrage on river Indus near Sukkur Barrage which would replace the Sukkur Barrage-the backbone of Sindh's agricultural economy.
KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has approved Rs12.6 billion Sukkur Barrage Rehabilitation Project under which flood capacity would be increased by 150,000 cusecs and entire barrage system to be controlled from the control room.
I read with interest the article on the battle for the Cardiff Barrage (October 20).