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Shops and stalls offer a cultural mosaic of foreign aromas, seafoods, meats, sensuous barky roots, lustrous tropical fruits, kaleidoscope varieties of cheese and breads, grains and pulses.
My human senses dulled, grew thin, confined inside a barky skin.
Greedy for life, for freedom, you crave to escape the barky trunk and try out an independent existence, and you stretch out in the sun for sheer love of life.
nest of barky remnants holds, waiting it seems, and is then lifted,
Niki Alexander, counselor of runaway teens at the Open Palms Shelter, becomes involved in the investigation into the murder of a young woman from Mexico when Barky, a runaway, finds the woman's body near a small boy hiding behind a dumpster.
Wolff's military career begins auspiciously, as he discovers that he is "hardy and capable" and that he possesses "command presence," which he ironically describes as "arrogance, an erect posture, a loud, barky voice" (IPA 47, 50).
These symptoms include a very distinct seal-like or "barky" cough and a hoarse voice because the voice box (larynx) is also affected.
A couple of barky terriers in life vests stuck to the shallow end.
One mother expressed her frustrations when she wrote, "We thought we would be okay in the winter, but it is so cold, and the spring is windy and pollen, and the summer we have lots of smoke in the air from forest fires, so it seems we never get a break." Mothers were able to distinguish between various types of coughs, such as barky coughs, low coughs, wet coughs, and wheezes.
"When he's mad, I call him Barky. When he's horny--"
For each pallet inspected, a decision was made whether the pallet had at least one occurrence of bark or barky defect, was free of bark and barky defects, or had something too difficult to call.
He takes them across the country, looking for 20 items in each scene plus one item that doesn't belong and a Barky Beaver bonus challenge at the end of the book.
In fact, my original allusion to the SS Minnow is misleading: that ship, after all, ran aground on a desert island, a fate which I do not foresee for either this barky particularly, nor the fleet collectively.
Marjorie, high-strung and barky as a Shih Tzu, never honors requests to view the modern art collection she and her late father accrued--especially the Hopper, which is pointedly hung away from audience view.
When using it in recipes always strip off the leaves from the barky stem and chop very finely to extract as much flavour as possible.