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If an observed barky defect was less than 1/4 inches at its narrowest dimension, it was not counted as a bark occurrence, regardless of its length.
In the first installment, Springtime In Greenland (1981), Nick lives at home with his parents, his sister, and the family dog, Barky.
He didn't bark or anything, which surprised me because he is a very barky dog.
Hardly the last word in sophisticated writing, but ideal if you enjoy your humour barky, narky and sarky.
A rabbit on a barky track dominates Early Morning, in which ears of corn overtop the cottage alongside them.
Want to look at a measles rash or hear the barky cough of infectious croup?
Marin Institute created the Barky awards to honor leaders in the media who expose alcohol harm.
Woodson (1975) suggested fiberboards of good quality could be made from barky hardwoods (sweetgum, southern red oak, and hickory).