bark at (someone or something)

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bark at (someone or something)

1. Literally, of a dog, to make a barking noise at someone or something. The dog is barking at something outside—can you please calm him down?
2. To yell at or speak severely to another person. The science teacher barked at us for not doing our homework.
3. To say or shout something to someone in a harsh, brusque or angry tone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "bark" and "at." He started barking orders at us as if he were our boss or something.
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bark at someone or something

Lit. [for a dog] to make a characteristic sharp sound at someone or something. (See also bark at someone.) The dog is barking at the traffic again. Their guard dog was barking at me.
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bark at someone

Fig. to speak harshly to someone. Don't bark at me like that over such a trivial mistake! Ken barked at the children for being noisy.
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bark something out at someone

 and bark something at someone; bark something to someone; bark something out (to someone)
Fig. to say something harshly to someone. The sergeant barked the orders out at the recruits. He barked an order at his staff. The teacher barked a reprimand out to the class. He barked out the order clearly and loudly.
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References in classic literature ?
They moved forward a little faster to see what the dog was barking at, and found perched upon a point of rock by the roadside a curious creature.
They jumped aside in a great fright, then all of them turned to follow the snake, saying that this was what the dog was barking at. That was my good Ehlose, my father, which without any doubt took the shape of a snake to save my life.
My dog enjoys barking at the squirrels as they chatter at him from the trees and the telephone wires in the backyard.
If your dog is barking at people or animals passing by the window, closing the curtains may help.
Barking at a trespasser sounds different than a play bark and that sounds different from the bark of a dog left alone.
The problem with alert barking comes when our dogs are barking at things that people think are inconsequential or when they continue barking when we think they should stop.
STOURBRIDGE returned to winning ways with a six-try defeat of struggling Barking at Stourton Park.
They are being trained to tell whether the animal is barking at a cat or growling at an escaping prisoner.
You can also use counter-conditioning and desensitization to modify barking at things he really doesn't need to be alarmed about.
They communicate by barking to go out, barking to come in, barking at people, cars and other animals, and barking simply to shout "I'm here!" 1 to the universe at large.
But certainly not for barking at someone.- Louise Gilday, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.
When we try telling her no, she starts barking at us.
When dogs-on-leash are barking at an outside stimulus, such as another dog or a passing car, my favorite approach to modification is counter-conditioning.
"But believe it or not, some people do not care for barking at all and teach the dog not to bark." Some people train a dog to bark on command or cue instead.
The more the whippets run out their back door barking at Jane and her family, the more this behavior becomes an automatic response that becomes more difficult to change.