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Toto stopped barking and ran between Dorothy's feet, where he crouched down as if afraid.
Back and forth, back and forth, between Pollyanna and the side path he vibrated, barking and whining pitifully.
The dog yelped desperately with fright and anger and then burst out barking like a puppy at the stranger.
By nightfall the barking and yelping became continuous, changing through the long night hours to whimpering and whining.
Next, when the curtain rose on full stage, the dogs were trained to make a great barking.
But when the curtain did go up, he declined to join the rest of the dogs in their frantic barking and yelping.
They jumped aside in a great fright, then all of them turned to follow the snake, saying that this was what the dog was barking at.
Sounds come in through the open windows too; birds singing, cars going down the street, lawn mowers, children playing and dogs barking.
This barking is done mostly when he is outside whether he's in his yard or taking a walk down the street.
The PetSafeSpray Bark Collar ( PetSafeRemote Spray Trainer ( premium training collars that deliver a gentle burst of spray to stop unwanted behaviors such as barking or not coming when called.
People often see barking as a single problem; just last week I was asked by several students in my class, "How do I stop my dog from barking?" I couldn't give a simple answer.
Melody Barnett, AZ A: About a third of owners when questioned about their dog's barking habits describe it as 'excessive'.
"Barking" is a delightful, creatively illustrated novelette about a pair of famous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Emily and Charlotte, appealing to both adults and discerning juvenile readers.
You don't want to get into trouble because of your dog's barking - so what can you do?