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But if watched closely, they may notice he or she is coming across as a nuisance - meaning it might be time to correct behavioral issues such as barking, jumping or not staying when instructed.
Bark Buster can be highly effective in controlling nuisance barking – – your own dog or your neighbour's.
Barking is common among both birds and mammals, including deer, seals, and monkeys, but is the hallmark of domesticated dogs since they bark more frequently than any other animal, even wolves, their closest cousin.
NOW open in Albion Street is The Barking Spider, Huddersfield's brand new bar, dining venue and exciting night spot.
Most of the pet owners believe that barking is a special form of communication between dogs and humans.
Almost everyone with a gun dog probably has had that midnight phone call from one of the neighbors complaining about your barking pooch out in its backyard kennel.
I would just like to say sorry if anyone has been affected by my dogs barking during the day whilst I am not at home.
NUNEATON made short work of relegated Barking on their first visit to Goresbrook, leaving with the maximum five points and in the process climbing three places in the National Division Two table.
STOURBRIDGE returned to winning ways with a six-try defeat of struggling Barking at Stourton Park.
A noisy dog could be silenced with a "dog Asbo" after neighbours complained about its constant barking and howling.
Noisy hound Storm could be silenced with a nuisance order if his constant barking breaks sound levels on a council's monitoring equipment.
BARKING dogs may be trying to talk to their owners, it was claimed yesterday.
Barking is not random noise, but a genuine attempt by dogs to communicate, according to a team of Hungarian scientists.
And rarely is national security more threatened and in need of protection by loud barking than in cases involving treason by high-level officials and penetration of the government by agents of hostile foreign powers.
It seems barking is not just a way to make noise or get attention.