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Toto stopped barking and ran between Dorothy's feet, where he crouched down as if afraid.
Back and forth, back and forth, between Pollyanna and the side path he vibrated, barking and whining pitifully.
The dog yelped desperately with fright and anger and then burst out barking like a puppy at the stranger.
By nightfall the barking and yelping became continuous, changing through the long night hours to whimpering and whining.
Next, when the curtain rose on full stage, the dogs were trained to make a great barking.
But when the curtain did go up, he declined to join the rest of the dogs in their frantic barking and yelping.
Teach your vocal dogs a positive interrupt so you can minimize their barking behavior.
Leave windows closed, so any barking is less likely to be triggered off - and heard.
Sometimes I would hide down side-streets until people had passed just to stop him barking, and I even took to walking him after dark when there were less people about.
They are being trained to tell whether the animal is barking at a cat or growling at an escaping prisoner.
If you shout at your dog to be quiet, he'll think you're barking along with him.
Another reason wild dogs bark less than our own furry family members is that they are less likely to be subjected to environments that encourage barking, such as fenced yards with potential prey objects (skateboards, joggers, bicycles) speeding tantalizingly past just out of reach; or humans who inadvertently--or intentionally--reinforce barking.
FAMILIES in a Nuneaton street have been spared the daily torment of a persistently barking dog after a canine therapist stepped in to save the day.