bark at

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bark at

1. Literally, of a dog, to make a barking noise at something. The dog is barking at something outside—can you please calm him down?
2. To yell at or speak severely to another person. The science teacher barked at us for not doing our homework.
See also: bark

bark at someone or something

Lit. [for a dog] to make a characteristic sharp sound at someone or something. (See also bark at someone.) The dog is barking at the traffic again. Their guard dog was barking at me.
See also: bark

bark at someone

Fig. to speak harshly to someone. Don't bark at me like that over such a trivial mistake! Ken barked at the children for being noisy.
See also: bark

bark something out at someone

 and bark something at someone; bark something to someone; bark something out (to someone)
Fig. to say something harshly to someone. The sergeant barked the orders out at the recruits. He barked an order at his staff. The teacher barked a reprimand out to the class. He barked out the order clearly and loudly.
See also: bark, out
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"Put on that safety harness first," he barked at one young man who had started to climb one of the ladders.
At one point he barked at one of the girls: "Your burger looked like a constipated tortoise."
a Bureau of Corrections guard barked at one inmate who was roaming around by himself-and who was either clueless or couldn't care less about what was happening.
The Save the Pets pooches - most from Lane County Animal Regulation Authority - lounged on pads, soaked up the sun, munched on T-Bonz treats and occasionally barked at one another.
"She barked at one of the stylists, 'Why have you got that on?' The bemused stylist thought it was something she was wearing that had caused offence.
She barked at one snapper: "Go away and just leave me alone," before she was whisked to her hotel for the three-night stay.