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Then the old woman tried to coax the doggie with more pancakes and to terrify it with blows, but he barked on, always repeating the same words.
And to the Arangi, this hot-white tropic morning, Jerry went on the whaleboat under the arm of his Mister Haggin, while on the beach Biddy moaned her woe, and Michael, not sophisticated, barked the eternal challenge of youth to the Unknown.
The audience took up the cry, the dogs barked more excitedly, and five minutes of hilarity delayed the turn which, when at last started, was marked by rustiness and erraticness on the part of the dogs and by great peevishness on the part of Wilton Davis.
He never barked. In all the time they had him he was never known to bark.
Yet he never barked. No provocation was great enough to draw from him that canine cry.
But just then the dog, squirming and rubbing against the newcomer's legs, opened his mouth and barked. It was an explosive bark, brief and joyous, but a bark.
Besides, look at the way he barked. He was just bursting with joy Joy over what?
Most of us appreciate some degree of alert barking (for example, I'd be very happy with my dog if she barked if someone were trying to break into my house).