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The book is a fascinating compendium of financial skullduggery, and Barings emerges from it as, in Naylor's words, "the godfather of imperialist finance," (which is quite a remove from the recent misty-eyed obituaries that painted the firm as an honest and venerable institution, rather than a nexus of boodle.
The book reveals the richness of the Baring archives and will be very useful for future business and banking historians as a guide to these materials.
This document is issued in the local or regional jurisdictions by the appropriate Barings company or companies whose name(s) and contact details are specified herein.
If the investment banking division was sold, it would mark the latest twist in the high-profile history of Barings, the City's oldest bank.
Barings is still very positive on Asia- ex-Japan from a global asset allocation viewpoint because they believe that the region still has economic growth, which has been translating into good earnings growth.
The Baring Eastern Europe Fund is an Offshore Fund recognised under the Laws of the UK, managed by Baring International Fund Managers (Ireland) Limited and marketed by Baring Asset Management Limited (Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority)
Baring Asset Management (BAM) is a global investment management firm that manages approximately $35 billion on behalf of governments, institutions, charities, private clients and mutual fund investors located around the world.
Nangle is the author of the newly published study, "Washington and Wall Street: The Interplay of External Financial Influences on the Course of Debt and Currency Crises in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, 1998 - 2002," sponsored by Baring Asset Management (BAM).
Following successful conclusion of such a transaction, Emergent and First National intend to take direct ownership and pursue further development of MIG's ownership interest in PeterStar; and Capital International and one or more funds advised by Baring Vostok intend to take direct ownership and pursue further development of MIG's current interests in the Republic of Georgia.
Do, Head of Baring Asset Management's Asian investment team, assumed portfolio management responsibilities for The Asia Pacific Fund effective August 31.
BOSTON -- Baring Asset Management (BAM), the global institutional investment management firm, expects reasonable growth in the world economy over the next twelve months, but monetary tightening and higher oil prices are now clouding the outlook, according to BAM's July Strategic Policy Report.
HONG KONG -- Baring Private Equity Partners Asia ("Baring Asia") today announced that it has invested $15 million in Noah Technology Holdings Limited ("Noah").
The bond issue was underwritten by predecessor firms of Fortis and ING: Baring Brothers of London and Hope & Co.
Baring Private Equity Partners Asia (Baring Asia) today announced that investee company, Depo Auto Parts Industry Company ("Depo" or the "Company"), the world's largest after-market auto lights maker, completed a successful initial public offering on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on March 17, 2004.
Baring Private Equity Partners India (Baring India) today announced that it has entered into an agreement in principle to sell its 20.