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I have much the best of the bargain. First there will be a capital roast; then the fat will find me in goose-grease for six months; and then there are all the beautiful white feathers.
But all the time the Sheriff said within himself, "Thy jest to me of Robin Hood shall cost thee dear, good fellow, even four hundred pounds, thou fool." For he thought he would make at least that much by his bargain.
"A small and trifling matter is it, to what I once used to offer in the way of bargain; but then it is the best I have, and therein not to be despised.
But despite finding the cash to take advantage of bargains, 31 per cent of people claim they cannot afford to save, according to Alliance & Leicester.
That decision was followed in 1989 by a national wage case decision requiring "award restructuring" involving negotiations at the industry or firm level (or both) that may include productivity bargains, issues related to the implementation of wage changes, and associated changes in work rules and work practices.
If you hate haggling, consider an automobile broker (check the yellow pages for listings) or a buying service such as Car Bargains (800-475-7283).
Down they come the decorations and the cards off the wall The tree is now stripped of lights and every coloured ball The room now looks bare all the signs of Christmas have gone We know Christmas is over because the January sales have begun Knocked down prices bargains for everyone is the call.
There are always plenty of real bargains, like a 24-can party pack of Carling for only pounds 12.89 and full case of Grolsch Premium Lager 500ml cans for only pounds 15.99.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan finished hearing a case filed by NAB to allow 15% additional money to be received with the original amount of the plea bargain. The apex court also summoned records of previous plea bargains from a senior anti-graft watchdog official.
According to Indian expat and former banker, Lamiya Siraj: "Bargains can be done for two reasons, genuinely for discounts, second for fun and pleasure.
He had said that since 2010, the NAB recovered Rs25.6 billion from 2,591 accused through voluntary returns and plea bargains.
EIt has long been debated whether getting your essentials from a budget retailer such as Home Bargains actually works out cheaper than one big supermarket shop.
we love a good bargain and this BARGAIN FEVER BRITA BRIT IN (ITV, V, V Tuesday, 8pm) IT'S no secret that as a nation we love a good bargain and this documentary series from ITV taps into our growing appetite for deals, discounts and bargains.