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It was by no means necessary to the satisfaction of the philosopher, that the bargain should be to his own proper advantage.
Hans brushed his coat, wiped his face and hands, rested a while, and then drove off his cow quietly, and thought his bargain a very lucky one.
By the time Jos's bargain with Rebecca was completed, and his horses had been visited and examined, it was almost morning once more.
I should get more, on'y I'm such a soft wi' the women,--I can't help lettin' 'em hev such good bargains.
Done," said the salesman; "and you may depend upon it there's a monstrous deal of quality in that horse, and if you want him for cab work he's a bargain.
As a bargain is a bargain, I feel great reluctance to disturb its sacred obligations, but I CANNOT suffer a child of mine to retain such a luxury, while a single individual can justly say that I owe him a dollar.
Above all other arts he had learned the art of driving a bargain.
Because the bargain might still misfire any moment, he insisted on my packing at once and going up with him to lodgings he had already taken in Fulham, to be near the curio-shop in question.
Wilt thou close a bargain with me and take six marks for thine outfit?
The Sculptor replied, "Well, if you will buy these, I'll fling you that into the bargain.
Give up your ear-rings," and Charlie laughed wickedly, sure that she would never hold to that bargain.
Remember the bargain on your side," Geoffrey went on, "and I'll remember the bargain on mine.
Prometheus knows one secret which Jove must bargain for; Minerva, another.
Can love, which always seeks the good of its object, attempt to betray a woman into a bargain where she is so greatly to be the loser?
And on the rulers turned I my back, when I saw what they now call ruling: to traffic and bargain for power--with the rabble!