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6 billion from 2,591 accused through voluntary returns and plea bargains.
In the first part of the ECHO's big drive to find the best place to shop, we've compared the prices for basic items in both Home Bargains and B&M Bargains.
In fact, the programme claims our love of a good bargain is now almost an obsession, and takes a look at the goings-on inside four major discounters - wholesale giant Costco, car supermarket Motorpoint, shoe chain Shoe Zone and Approved Food, which sells A food that's out of season or past its best before date.
Not all plea bargains are harmful, but the lack of concern by prosecutors and defense attorneys, as well as the lack of information available to those without economic or legal resources, can be a recipe for disaster.
Even an unusually large drop in caseloads or a few local efforts to ban bargains probably would not kill plea bargaining.
Customers are always interested in sales and bargains, so this helps me to not only offer a hardback book at a bargain price" she adds, but to also extend goodwill, "showing the customers that we try to pass on savings to them.
Parties may therefore demand too much or offer too little, with the result that efficient bargains may not be reached.
EPSTEIN WISHES TO PIERCE THE VEIL OBscuring the true nature of such bargains.
That decision was followed in 1989 by a national wage case decision requiring "award restructuring" involving negotiations at the industry or firm level (or both) that may include productivity bargains, issues related to the implementation of wage changes, and associated changes in work rules and work practices.
For example, the Canadian Automobile Workers bargains master agreements for several of their large plants and employers which link bargaining on behalf of office workers to that of workers in the plants as a way of securing decent wages and benefits for the former.
Down they come the decorations and the cards off the wall The tree is now stripped of lights and every coloured ball The room now looks bare all the signs of Christmas have gone We know Christmas is over because the January sales have begun Knocked down prices bargains for everyone is the call.