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These amounts may be subsequently disallowed, but often they are not and, in any event, they are valuable bargaining counters with the receiver - especially should there be arguments over the amount of offset.
Predecessor Bruce Rioch was fired in 1996 after working without a contract for a year and Ruud Gullit was ditched by Chelsea nine months ago after losing his game of brinkmanship at the bargaining counter.
The Russian authorities have long been seeking Russian membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and they believe the Kyoto Protocol is a serious political bargaining counter, Alexei Iablokov, a member of the Russian science academy and head of an ecological policy centre, told journalists.
Delegates at the NUT conference in Bournemouth were expected to endorse the threat of strikes as a bargaining counter if local education authority independent appeals panels overturned decisions by heads to expel violent or disruptive pupils.
It will give John Major a bargaining counter when he pleads today with other European leaders for help.
Seafarers and ships must be allowed to operate in safety and it is simply not acceptable for them to be used as bargaining counters in any way," said Guy Platten, ICS Secretary General.
"Human beings should not be used as bargaining counters," Joanna Cherry, the SNP's home-affairs spokeswoman, said in the debate.
At the end of the war, the Germans were determined to hold on to British officers as "bargaining counters", marching them west ahead of the Soviet advance.
The release of the Lebanese prisoners, said by Hizbullah to be the last held in Israel, closed a file that had motivated repeated attempts by Shiite guerrillas over the past quarter of a century to capture Israelis to use as bargaining counters.
Yemen's powerful tribes frequently carry out abductions of foreigners to try to secure bargaining counters in disputes with the central government.
Before Saddam's trial, you can bet the hostage-takers will take a lot more and use them as bargaining counters for his release.
Nor would they be immediately useful as bargaining counters if the Government of Ghana wanted even more international aid.
BaDge oF HONOUR Former Rangers chairman Alastair Johnston, right, can't believe that Mike Ashley, above, may be wanting to use emblems loved by so many as bargaining counters
Parents are already angry at their children being used as political footballs and bargaining counters.
Making excessive demands and piling up bargaining counters that can be conceded later is standard procedure in wheeling and dealing over pay.