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A negotiated result is a favorable outcome for the bargainers if it is more relevant than the present option.
This framework allows us to consider scenarios in which an arbitrator or final decision maker places little or much weight on the recommendation, and we model the effects of such weighting on the bargainers' contract zone--the region of outcomes that both bargainers both prefer to an arbitrated outcome.
Farber (1980) and Miller (2000) suggest that FOA bargainers strategically align their final offers around the median of the arbitrator's preferred award distribution.
The argument in this section is developed in two parts: (1) information asymmetry about bargainers' utility payoffs impacts contracting costs: and (2) reducing common uncertainty--that is, providing the same reduction in uncertainty for both bargainers by improving their common information about monetary payoffs--can reduce information asymmetry about utility payoffs.
The survey consisted of questions relating to bargainer characteristics, organization-related variables, and negotiation strategy perceptions.
Had the employer not been an interest bargainer who sought to determine why the employee asked for a raise, the employer might have missed the opportunity to serve both the employee's best interests and his or her own.
Although this may simply connote strategic bracketing around the arbitrators' preferred award, bargainer signaling may play some role in offer submission.
A gruff but honorable bargainer, Helmsley nevertheless startled young Lerner when it came time to paying his first commission, which was for a New York magazine deal.
But instead of offering further concessions, the bargainer who made the first one may decide that it had the wrong effect and offer no more.
Even the experienced health bargainer, with a full understanding of the current system's dynamics, can benefit from seeing what others have done.
That point "is not to be ignored," said Kassy Fisher, university bargainer and assistant dean at the graduate school.
Known as a tough bargainer who would brook no nonsense as she travelled the world, Madeleine faced down despots like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-il.
Following the logic of Diamond, a strong bargainer will threaten to leave if his offer of p [less than] [p.
If a trade partner is a poor bargainer and offers to sell an item at only half of the maximum price the egoist is willing to pay, will she insist on paying more?