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Assuming the bargainers know the mean and standard deviation of the arbitrator's preferred award distribution, the bargainers tailor their offers to conform to the arbitrator's preferred award.
At every moment during this struggle there are three possibilities: either bargainer may succeed in pinning the other down, or the struggle may continue.
append ([K.sub.j]) [for all] users of BE slices; 8 End 9 step2: generate BE bargainers' sets for all users 10 Z = [] 11 For each i in I 12 calculate [[DELTA]w.sub.t] using equation (4); 13 For each j in J 14 calculate [bar.[??].sub.ij] using equation (12); 15 calculate [l.sub.ij] using equation (10); 16 If [bar.[??].sub.ij] >= [bar.[??].sup.min.sub.ij] AND [l.sub.ij] == 1 17 calculate [[phi].sub.ij] using equation (13); 18 Z.append (i, j, [bar.[??].sub.ij], [[phi].sub.ij]); 19 End 20 End 21 End 22 step3: find proper match 23 Temp (i) = []; 24 For each i [member of] I 25 generate table [Z.sub.ij] from Z; /* sub set of all possible BE bargainers of i.
A powerful bargainer would force the final price down to a level close to the BA's reservation price.
The jury was told Bargainer's testimony was aided by hypnosis, and that jurors could disregard it if they thought it unreliable.
The negotiation frame is established via initial and endogenous communication, moulding bargainers' conducts and the conditions of the final arrangement.
And it is not just among the indigenes, for the expatriates have also shown themselves to be dab bargainers for anything from cars to white-goods, processed food to electrical appliances, even in hyper and supermarkets.
"If talks are focused on the fact that Congress becomes strong in Uttarakhand, then I am a bargainer. If talks within the party are for an amicable solution, and if talking to somebody helps in that context, then I am a bargainer.
Chennai, March 13 -- The Congress party, which is a hard bargainer with ruling DMK in the forthcoming assembly polls, very firm on getting constituencies on its own wish, fails to turn up for talks with DMK leaders.
In an online interview on an Everton fans' website Mr Elstone said: "It's a matter of bargaining and no bargainer worth his salt gives away his position in advance.
libertarian's status as a Bargainer or a Battler largely depends on what issue he or she works on every day.
Motor-mouthed dealer Clive Attrell came up against a hard bargainer in Sue Adams in Taunton, who haggled him up to pounds 790 for her Galle vase.
Betty's a hard bargainer. She haggled again, and finally got a quote of pounds 1,100 plus VAT (roughly pounds 200), and said go ahead last April.
Farber and Katz (1979) studied bargainer incentives under conventional arbitration and show that uncertainty about the arbitrator's notion of a fair settlement is a key variable that increases the bargainers' contract zone (i.e., the region of outcomes mutually preferred to the disputants' reservation values or threat points).