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People are so kind; they seem really to think I do them a favour in letting them make me rich, and giving me good bargains.
Every inch of the existence of mankind, from birth to death, was to be a bargain across a counter.
I should get more, on'y I'm such a soft wi' the women,--I can't help lettin' 'em hev such good bargains.
Lors, it's as good as a junketing to 'em when they see me wi' my pack, an' I shall niver pick up such bargains for 'em again.
I'm glad you don't insist upo' buyin' the net, for then I should ha' lost my two best bargains for Mrs.
LyondellBasell's premature declaration of impasse and refusal to bargain with USW Local 13-227 is outrageous," said USW District 13 Staff Representative Jim Lefton, who is bargaining the contract with the local's negotiating committee.
In a way, it's too bad that we aren't more fully on the way to a Grand Bargain, because then I could talk about just how badly you will get hosed in all of the Bargained-for Grandeur.
Like bargaining in the commodity market where the sellers try to sell commodities at higher possible prices, and the buyers seeks to purchase at lower possible prices, in collective bargaining the sellers of labour services, (workers) bargain for obtaining better and improved terms and conditions of employment, and the buyers of these services try to purchase them at lower price as possible.
These are the two fascias at the heart of a legal wrangle between Select & Save and off-licence specialist Bargain Booze.
s downtown fashion district, draws adventurous bargain hunters from Calabasas to Victorville and beyond.
It's the school board's responsibility to bargain with at least as much firmness as those across the table.
Jefferson ended up taking a plea bargain that landed him with six and a half years in prison and a permanent felony on his record for a first offense that he had thought would get him probation.
With the high turnover of members, particularly in the private sector, organizers and delegates have a daily struggle to maintain the bargaining threshold and the pressure from members to continue to bargain can make it doubly hard.
In TAM 200334001, the IRS National Office determined that a controlled corporation's sale of warrants to its parent's (Taxpayers) affiliate, in connection with Taxpayer's spinoff of the controlled corporation, was not a bargain sale, because the sale was at ann's length.
Bargain Network's Homes service enables members to locate hard-to-find distressed properties, foreclosures, HUD, VA and For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties as well as properties that are For Sale By Realtor.