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barf out

slang To become very emotional or nervous. I nearly barfed out when I heard that I had to perform first in the school talent show. Mom will barf out if you come home after curfew again.
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barf out

Sl. to become deranged, to a greater or lesser degree. Terry barfed out when he heard about the damage Nick had done to his car. Yuck! I thought I was going to barf out.
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barf someone out

Sl. to disgust someone. (Fixed order.) You just barf me out! I barf myself out every time I look in the mirror.
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barf up

v. Slang
To eject some contents of the stomach by vomiting: He barfed up his dinner because the food was spoiled. She was so sick she was even barfing soup up.
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1. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. I think I’m going to barf!
2. n. vomit. Is that barf on your shoe?
3. in. [for a computer] to fail to function. My little computer barfs about once a day. Something is wrong.
4. and barfola (bɑrfˈolə) interj. dammit; Good grief! (Often Barfola!) Barfola! You’re out of your mind! When he said “Barf!” I felt wow, so vintage!

barf bag

n. a bag available on an airplane for persons who are nauseated. I hope I never even have to see anyone use a barf bag.
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Barf City

n. someone or something disgusting or undesirable. (Barf = vomit.) The guy is so gross! Just plain Barf City!
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Barf out!

exclam. This is awful! (California.) Barf out! Get a life!
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barf out

in. to become very upset; to freak out; to psych out. I nearly barfed out when I heard he was coming.
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barf someone out

tv. to totally disgust someone. God! That kind of music just barfs me out! Who can stand all that slow stuff?
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n. an unpleasant person or thing. That guy is a real barf-out.
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The first time this happens, Spurlock gamely tries to make his way through the whole fatty feast, but by the end, he's barfing out the car window.
One of the deleted scenes is the best barfing shot you'll ever see," filmmaker Noam Gonick says proudly.
Connor cited "professional and personal reasons" for the departure, but sources close to the organization told Christianity Today that Connor stepped down after a disagreement with FRC's board of directors over a proposed constitutional amendment barfing gay marriage.
Insanely violent, ludicrously gory and probably as much fun as you'll have in a cinema this year, Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror will have you laughing and barfing in equal measure.
So you're smoking, you're barfing, you're knocking tables over.
The group that operates the camp, called "A Little Sonshine From Arizona," argued that the school district's policy barfing overtly religious advertising on school grounds was a form of discrimination.
Nausea, barfing, diarrhea and really bad headaches .
WHENEVER I've mentioned getting married, she says 'F*** off' and starts barfing.