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barf out

slang To become very emotional or nervous. I nearly barfed out when I heard that I had to perform first in the school talent show. Mom will barf out if you come home after curfew again.
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barf out

Sl. to become deranged, to a greater or lesser degree. Terry barfed out when he heard about the damage Nick had done to his car. Yuck! I thought I was going to barf out.
See also: barf, out

barf someone out

Sl. to disgust someone. (Fixed order.) You just barf me out! I barf myself out every time I look in the mirror.
See also: barf, out

barf up

v. Slang
To eject some contents of the stomach by vomiting: He barfed up his dinner because the food was spoiled. She was so sick she was even barfing soup up.
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1. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. I think I’m going to barf!
2. n. vomit. Is that barf on your shoe?
3. in. [for a computer] to fail to function. My little computer barfs about once a day. Something is wrong.
4. and barfola (bɑrfˈolə) interj. dammit; Good grief! (Often Barfola!) Barfola! You’re out of your mind! When he said “Barf!” I felt wow, so vintage!

barf bag

n. a bag available on an airplane for persons who are nauseated. I hope I never even have to see anyone use a barf bag.
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Barf City

n. someone or something disgusting or undesirable. (Barf = vomit.) The guy is so gross! Just plain Barf City!
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Barf out!

exclam. This is awful! (California.) Barf out! Get a life!
See also: barf

barf out

in. to become very upset; to freak out; to psych out. I nearly barfed out when I heard he was coming.
See also: barf, out

barf someone out

tv. to totally disgust someone. God! That kind of music just barfs me out! Who can stand all that slow stuff?
See also: barf, out, someone


n. an unpleasant person or thing. That guy is a real barf-out.
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Siom eto, doedd na ddim picedu tu allan, dim pobl gyda barf a sandals yn addoli gair Duw ac yn chwifio placerdi.
From one week to the next, you will see a contrasting of different styles of dance," says executive director Ella Barf.
Bydd y grwp lleol o Waunfawr, Y Sibrydion, sydd wedi cael llwyddiant mawr ers rhyddhau eu halbwmgyntaf JigCal yn 2006 ac yna Simsalabin yn 2007 hefyd yn ymddangos yn y gyfres, yn ogystal a Frizbee o Flaenau Ffestiniog, Steve Eaves a Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf.
All of that saccharine sweetness between the celebs at the start makes me want to barf.
Q We stopped giving our dogs dry food and changed to the BARF or bones-and-rawfood method.
I ate way too much chicken in one scene and Chris was the only one who truly realized that I was going to barf,'' said Bobo.
This is not an issue that we are going to let go," Barf pledged.
Swn i 'di licio rhedeg," meddai'r Barf mewn ffug-syndod.
Since then Dafydd has gone solo, and with her group, Y Barf - the name translates, oddly, as The Beard - she has played dozens of gigs across Wales and further afield, in places as far-flung as NewYork, Belgium, and Helsinki.
Once the bloom was off the nose, his sweaty T-shirts began to stink, stepping on the toenail clippings with my bare feet would make me want to barf.
The picture of confidence, Elton held court on the center aisle rather than pace in the back with barf bag, as is the custom of most nervous creatives about to be savaged by the New York Times.
Also playing is Bob Delyn a'r Ebillion and Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf.
TOXIC: Singer with Isaac' BARF FLY: Brit has lolly to get rid of the taste
Ac eto, 'radeg yma o'r flwyddyn, mi fydda i'n gwirioni ar weld barf yr hen E[acute accent]r yn goferu dros y gwrychoedd a'r perthi.
Wedi cyfnod o arbrofi gydag arddulliau gwahanol, mae Fflur, a'i band Y Barf, wedi sefydlu swn ffync-jazz cyhyrog, wedi ei ddylanwadu gan gerddorion fel Stevie Wonder, a Corduroy.