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Petronio's idea, to evoke "the post-apocalyptic subconscious," is realized as a series of non-narrative vignettes that unfold against a three-paneled video screen, making only the barest physical references to the lyrics and betraying little emotion.
Not a bad achievement, I think you'll agree, but one that warranted just the barest of mentions on our television and in our newspapers.
Finale Breathe Again offers a virtuoso vocal over the barest piano backdrop.
Within such a strong formal setting the architect has wisely reduced the palette of materials and the articulation of the detail to the barest minimum, with timber floors and seamless featureless white walls throughout.
Drivers only the barest glimpse of movement and memory.
It is certainly a fragrant beginning to enable Western to grasp the barest outlines of the complexity and courage of these women and their worlds and cultures.
9 LIGHTNING BOLT, HYPERMAGIC MOUNTAIN (LOAD RECORDS) With the barest of means, this bass-and-drums duo from Providence spills forth everything anyone ever wanted from punk rock and heavy metal: speed, power, manic energy, and bliss.
Even the barest statements in the text, the Ten Commandments, were unpacked and expanded by Jesus to reveal their elasticity.
It is written that Jesus sent his disciples into the world with the barest of necessities.
From the barest skeleton of known facts about Shakespeare's life and work, Ackroyd uses his considerable powers of imagination and intuition to add flesh, clothes, colour and life.
Most importantly, the Acadians had little use for government, beyond the barest minimum necessary in a culture devoted to the individual pursuit of happiness.
Funny thing, though, if you check most popular texts on Canadian history, you will find only the barest mention made of the role of these trailblazers and nation builders.
maintains only the barest hint of a malty middle in the mouth [and it is] dry-hopped for extra quenching in the face of rising warmth.
Both the Jefferson nickel and Buffalo nickel designs are entirely indigenous, with only the barest nod to another culture in the motto E Pluribus Unum (from many--one).