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Bare even got his mom, Jeannie Bare, to come into the studio and scream on the recording, echoing the lyric in the almost-tragic story.
At other times, Bare uses his poetic licence to turn things he witnessed into songs.
For the past 20 years or so, Bare has been writing songs that he considers decent, or maybe songs that "just don't suck.
This demonstration of the equal semiotic rights of unworked, unmarked areas made everything possible in modern art, from Pollock's use of bare canvas to Cage's manipulation of silence to perhaps even Duchamp's readymades.
There we could remove our high-modernist lenses and distinguish between the "truly incomplete," in the words of the curators, and the "unfinished yet complete"--between the pictures that Cezanne abandoned or slashed (the marks are still visible in the restored Portrait of Alfred Hauge, 1899) and the ones he stepped away from gingerly to avoid upsetting an optimal balance of painted and bare canvas.
His problem was the embryological one of preserving that life through development up to delivery, which he seems to have defined quite conservatively as requiring the total coverage of the canvas with paint--witness his famous tussle with the bare knuckles in the portrait of his dealer, Ambroise Vollard (dated 1899), also in the exhibition.