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for me the greatest luxury has always coincided with a certain bareness.
The lines hang on the simple rhyme air / bare so that the ear tarries for a moment with this open bareness, the emptiness of air, before sunlight displaces it, claiming the bareness as its own.
The stray is a unique kind of powerless being-outside-the-law whose life is marked by bareness and non-concern.
Cold vicious hands touching, hurting and probing her bareness all over
Although those figures should give General Deichmann a shock, they do not, in their bareness, reflect fully the magnitude of the contribution made by these works to the war effort.
Melbourne, January 21 ( ANI ): Metrosexuality, which was first a neat shirt and a bit of hair gel, has now gone to the max as the laser Brazilian grows in popularity among Brisbane men chasing youthful bareness and sporty speed.
It is in this bareness that many struggle to survive, without protection from the elements and in Egypt the weather is only the beginning of their problems.
65), is accompanied by a shifting of the blame to the larger societal conditions: "Faith, for their poverty, I know not where they had that, and for their bareness, I am sure they never learned that of me" (1 Henry IV 4.
The discovery of Pityrogramma trifoliata in river beds in the xeric belt of the Andean foothills is a novelty due to the underexplored microhabitat it inhabited and the stark bareness of the surrounding hills (Fig.
Only now does the cupboard's bareness amplify synchronised's tragic loss.
Putting up coving is a great way to take the bareness away from room
Herbert here implies bareness of soul or transparency of heart.
Hence some of the bareness has been disguised but large areas are ready to prepare for the winter digging and the soon to be planted green manures.
But there was nothing as gratifying as sweeping up all the spiky detritus and watching the clean bareness unfold beneath.