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John Bareness once wrote that I have made a career out of writing about black powder cartridge rifles.
I had a dress with really long slits in the front and it was about wearing a dress that looks like you have these slits with bareness.
There's a bareness and ferocity to Puma Perl's poetry.
And while the last couple have had some pretty impressive moments, Wonder Show proves to be his most consistently enjoyable record in some time The sublime, roomy Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-type harmonies of Someone Coming Through have an almost medieval, churchy vibe that manages to summon winter's spectral bareness even among Spring's resurgent green, while The Sounds Are Always Begging's soulful amble recalls a mid-period Van Morrison.
All You Prefiguring," "Accuse Me Thus," "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day," "Where All Thy Beauty Lies," "Heart's and Eye's Delight," "By Lies We Flattered Be," "The Heaven That Leads Men To Hell," "When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men's Eyes," "What Beauty Was of Yore," "This Thou Perceiv'st," "You Can Never Be Old," "Save Thou My Rose," "Take All My Loves," "Ransom," "Two Loves I Have," "Sweet Flattery," "For Sweetest Things," "Is It for Fear to Wet a Widow's Eye," "Thou Hast All the All of Me," "You Dwell in Lover's Eyes," "You Still Shall Live," "December's Bareness Everywhere," "Love Alters Not.
Gilead is a beautiful work--demanding, grave and lucid--and is, if anything, more out of time than Robinson's book of essays, suffused as it is with a Protestant bareness that sometimes recalls George Herbert (who is alluded to several times, along with John Donne) and sometimes the American religious spirit that produced Congregationalism and 19th-century Transcendentalism and those bareback religious riders Emerson, Thoreau and Melville.
Hence, when examining the Scottish landscape in the early stages of the Journey, Johnson censures the native population for their negligence in the sowing of trees, only to explain later that the peculiar climatic conditions of the area may justify such bareness.
Why not take the opportunity now, before the onset of winter to enjoy stripping out one border, perhaps leaving one or two special herbaceous plants, trees or shrubs in to reduce the bareness and then replant it with an entirely new selection of plants for the 2010 summer and beyond.
That the weather - yesterday apart ironically - has been dreadfully dry in Southampton this summer was evidenced by the bareness of the Rose Bowl outfield.
His poem looks to the past and not the future for solutions to modernity's bareness.
His ambivalence shows in "A Causerie from a Castle in Ireland," published in the August number after a visit to Edward Martyn, wealthy, Catholic, and gay: "I find all this bareness, grayness, monotony, solitude, at once primitive and fantastical, curiously attractive; giving just the same kind of relief from the fat, luxurious English landscape that these gaunt, nervous, long-chinned peasants give from the red and rolling sleepiness of the English villager" (94).
Gilead is a beautiful work--demanding, grave and lucid-and is, if anything, more out of time than Robinson's book of essays, suffused as it is with a Protestant bareness that sometimes recalls George Herbert .
Because of his linguistically jouissives explorations, his work's bareness and open-ended identities, Kwahule has been called Africa's answer to that other so-called francophone, Samuel Beckett.
The bareness of the boughs, perhaps, invites this impulse to ornament, however briefly, their stark lines.
It would be better if there were places to sit, and some trees to break up the bareness, but iteIUs so much better without all that traffic.