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can barely hear (oneself) think

Unable to concentrate or think clearly because there is too much noise or commotion around oneself. Kids, go outside to play! I can barely hear myself think with you shouting like that! With the noise of the construction outside her window, she could barely hear herself think.
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to barely make it

1. To come very close to failing at something but succeed in the end. That marathon was so exhausting, I barely made it! I barely made it through math class this semester.
2. To come very close to being late for something, such as a deadline, appointment, class, etc., but manage to arrive on time in the end. A shortening of "barely make it on time." If you leave right now, you'll just barely make it to the film before it starts.
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to barely make it on time

To come very close to being late for something (such as a deadline, appointment, class, etc.) but manage to arrive on time in the end. Traffic was so bad this morning that I barely made it on time to the meeting. I was finishing my essay right up until the minute before it was due. I barely made it on time!
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Noting that "freezer cases are often crowded, foggy and sometimes cluttered," Orso notes that Barely Bread "worked very hard to create packaging that would stand out among the masses and entice consumers."
"The Barely There Collection is a new favorite," said Lauren Bayer, Polychem manager.
"I drive so much better when I'm a little bit tipsy," said one acrylic fingernailed numpty looking very pleased with herself, which caused the blood rushing to the anger receptors in my brain to pulse so loudly I could barely hear the television at all.
Keith Lemon knows his favourite film, Rambo First Blood, so well that he can describe its entire plot barely drawing breath.
Visitors from Rae Barely are now directed to Vadra, 40, who of late have been holding weekly meetings with visitors from her mother's constituency.
The survey showed that 50.6% of road markings were barely visible, with 23% of roads falling into the "emergency repairs" bracket.
They shared a smile of barely disguised contempt for the old Casanova which aides say left him seething with rage.
leopard-print dress and WERE she on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa, Kylie Minogue would barely warrant a second glance.
The work is a compilation of black-and-white photographs depicting sixty young adults from all over the world in--literally and figuratively--a barely exposed state.
Dana had barely been through her initial military training in the Navy when a violent crime left her with a broken neck and paralysis.
A FANTASTIC array of local music is to be heard on the debut release from Cardiff-based record label Barely Regal.
Between school, homework, extracurriculars and trying to establish a relationship with my new classmates, I barely have time to breathe.
Profusely illustrated throughout, "You Made That Dessert?: Create Fabulous Treats, Even If You Can Barely Boil Water" truly lives up to the promise of its title with clear, concise, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for a cornucopia of mouth-watering desserts that range from Cinnamon-Hazelnut Shortbread; Great Big Coconut Cake; S'mores Bars; and Pumpkin Mousse; to Grapefruit Granita; Cool Blueberry Soup; Apple Crumble; and Cherry-Berry Stovetop Cobbler.
London, August 9 (ANI): Amy Adams has revealed that she nearly gave up her acting profession because she barely got time for herself.
In particular, following Martorell (2004), the author exploits the discontinuity in the likelihood of exiting around the cutoff score of HSEE, and compares the exit probability of the students who barely pass or barely fail the test.