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to barely make it

1. To come very close to failing at something but succeed in the end. That marathon was so exhausting, I barely made it! I barely made it through math class this semester.
2. To come very close to being late for something, such as a deadline, appointment, class, etc., but manage to arrive on time in the end. A shortening of "barely make it on time." If you leave right now, you'll just barely make it to the film before it starts.
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to barely make it on time

To come very close to being late for something (such as a deadline, appointment, class, etc.) but manage to arrive on time in the end. Traffic was so bad this morning that I barely made it on time to the meeting. I was finishing my essay right up until the minute before it was due. I barely made it on time!
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can barely hear (oneself) think

Unable to concentrate or think clearly because there is too much noise or commotion around oneself. Kids, go outside to play! I can barely hear myself think with you shouting like that! With the noise of the construction outside her window, she could barely hear herself think.
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Social media is also a big part of promoting Barely Bread, and we rely heavily on our customers and influencers to spread their love of our brand.
The Polychem Barely There Collection is available in flexible quantities as low as 51b, with free sample panels shipped out within 2 days.
The album is available on limited-edition CD from the Barely Regal website - www.
Spanair flight JK5022, bound for Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, was barely airborne when the DC-9/MD-80 veered right, crashed and broke into pieces.
And tell me - what calibre of celebrity is going to allow themselves to be interrogated by a failed pop singer and a barely literate woman with freak boobs?
Jones barely hints at this strategy as he carefully moves outward through layers of narration.
They are often being beaten over the head, berated into submission, absurdly dehumanized by senseless and mean corporate-style overlords, most of them barely literate.
What barely saves his project from degenerating into a love letter to the past is his un-Romantic subject matter, which is almost insignificant in its utter banality.
In many cases, our schools are graduating students who are barely literate and barely able to do math.
So it comes as no surprise to learn that our Birmingham Yardley Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, who has been in Parliament barely eight months, is asking to become leader.
Barrick claims only 1% of the glacier's surface area will be destroyed and insists that the procedure is barely more intrusive than what Mother Nature does to the glaciers already.
An MP's salary plus allowances and expenses barely tops pounds 100,000 a year.
The profit continues Warwickshire's improved financial position after a record loss of pounds 382,500 two years ago and a modest profit of barely pounds 16,000 last year.
Science writer Macinnis was barely a teenager when he watched the first Sputnik crawl slowly across the stars on the night of October 4, 1957.