bare (one's) soul

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bare (one's) soul

To share one's intimate thoughts or feelings with another person. I don't know Adam that well, so I was surprised that he bared his soul to me. There are very few people I would bare my soul to.
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bare one's soul (to someone)

Fig. to reveal one's innermost thoughts to someone; to tell another person exactly how one feels about someone or something. Mary bared her soul to Jane and Jane told Mary her problems also. You don't have to bare your soul to me. Just tell me why you are crying.
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bare one's soul

Reveal one's most private thoughts and feelings. For example, Teenagers rarely bare their souls to their parents; they prefer their peers. This figurative use of the verb bare, which literally means "make bare" or "uncover," dates from a.d. 1000.
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bare your soul

If you bare your soul to someone, you tell them all your private thoughts and feelings. We all need someone we can bare our souls to, someone we can confide in. He seemed to feel no embarrassment about baring his soul in public.
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bare your ˈsoul

tell somebody your deepest feelings: Finally she bared her soul to him, saying she had always loved him.
If you bare something, you remove the covering from it, especially from part of the body.
See also: bare, soul
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Two months after the separation, Musk bared his soul and shared what really took place between the two.
HE may not quite have bared his soul in the jungle, but Brian Conley shocked members of Birmingham Press Club this week when he bared something else.
FIRST Minister Peter Robinson bared his soul and his private turmoil yesterday as he dropped the bombshell his wife of almost 40 years Iris had been driven to attempt suicide over an affair.
GANGLAND hardman James "Jaimba" McLean has bared his soul in a series of stomach-churning confessions.
PETER Andre bared his soul to Lord Brocket yesterday over his feelings about Jordan.
But he got a run for his money from Les Dennis, who won the nation's sympathy when he bared his soul about his failed marriage to Amanda Holden on Celebrity Big Brother.
Runner-up was Les Dennis, who won sympathy when he bared his soul about his failed marriage to Amanda Holden on Celebrity Big Brother.
RALPH Bulger last night bared his soul for the first time in a television documentary marking the 10th anniversary of his son's murder.
He's a man who bared his soul naked every time he performed.
In "Swan Get Ting Up," costumed in a black dance belt and a transparent tinselly dress, Barber bared his soul as well as his bottom as he struggled through the Saint-Saens music, played live, with a twist, by 3 Leg Torso, a Portland music group that is an integral part of the Bielemeier Dance Project.
Clinton has reveled in the trappings of power, and via his actions has bared his soul.
bared his soul in print under the title "Les Confessions d'un Ticquer.
The shell-shocked fifth seed bared his soul last night: "It is a question I ask myself a lot.
For almost three days, Father Barry bared his soul at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, revealing that he'd once spent a night in a hotel with a former nun.
Lotto millionaire Karl Crompton has stripped off for the cameras - and bared his soul too.