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When the man moved leg or hand, Garin bared his teeth in silence.
Then Tietjens came in and sat down, her teeth bared and her forepaws planted.
He heard her armlets tinkle as though she bared arms for action.
I say," Mowgli went on, just as though he were Baloo repeating an old Jungle Law for the hundredth time to a foolish cub-- "I say that not a tooth in the Jungle is bared against you; not a foot in the Jungle is lifted against you.
Horror, with the sight, had leaped into Brydon's throat, gasping there in a sound he couldn't utter; for the bared identity was too hideous as HIS, and his glare was the passion of his protest.
The long fangs were bared, but more in preparedness than threat.
Here he again approached Teeka only to be again greeted with bared fangs and menacing growls.