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The bare-bones market will be a crossing network that serves simply as a conduit.
This catalogue of the bibliographical exhibition on early modern antiquarianism held at Wolfenbuttel in the summer of 1994 constitutes a useful handbook for students of the field, a well-informed companion to Ludwig Schudt's bare-bones bibliographical guide of 1930, Le Guide di Roma.
They soon found, though, that sophisticated planning tools were needed, tools that federal agencies in the bare-bones 90s no longer had the personnel or budget to develop.
Year followed long year within the narrow confines of that bare-bones Galilean village.
For those who want to "rough it," there are a dozen bare-bones campsites where campers must provide all their own gear.
Moren than 50 years old, this aluminum-roofed, bare-bones "hotel" sits in central Honokaa, the heart of sugar cane country.
The brisk, brief feature appears more atmospheric than terrifying, but its bare-bones tale gets under the skin, telling of a pregnant teen whose impending sacrifice to a backwoods community's worship pit causes hell to break loose.
The focus is on learning what play to make at what stage of the game: here two fine bridge teachers and authors explain how to make a plan as a declarer in an easy step-by-step process accessible by even bare-bones beginners.
Digital photography is covered in a bare-bones, basic guide for novices which will help such an audience begin with a solid foundation in photography principles.
The Little Food Book: You Are What You Eat (The Disinformation Company, $9.95) offers up the bare-bones facts about food, its production, and its effects on our lives in a fun, easy-to-digest format.
So did Bruce Nauman's bare-bones shacks, like Floating Room: Lit from Inside, 1972, constructed from wallboard and two-by-fours.
Musically, its 11 songs sport more arrangement and forethought than her 1996 bare-bones demo debut, Living With Ghosts, and the minimalistic Kisses, striking a nice middle ground between the starkness of those releases and the overwhelming fury of her anomalous 1998 rock foray, Flaming Red.
ORT Argentina has a budgetary shortfall of $6 million and urgently needs $1.5 million just to run its schools on a bare-bones basis in 2002.
"When I started as artistic director," he continues, "we had to cut back the budget to $5.7 million, which, for a company this size [thirty-two dancers and six apprentices] is very bare-bones. But we were looking at an accumulated deficit of $2.3 million.
However, there's both more and less to an electron than such a bare-bones description indicates.