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mod. with a naked posterior exposed; totally naked. (Usually objectionable.) He ran right through the room—totally bare-assed—looking scared as hell.
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London, August 27 ( ANI ): Prince Harry's bare-assed antic during a game of strip billiards in Las Vegas is nothing as compared to the rest of the story, a source has claimed.
Though she genuinely loves Ben, she sees that love as carrying financial responsibilities (like supporting her mom's gambling habit) which Ben sometimes sees as bare-assed exploitation of a "rich" Westerner.
One shot of the 1912 Stanford crew team shows them bare-assed.
That's how I ended up practically bare-assed, shivering, and worrying about the "hard-sell" interrogation to come.
London, August 26 ( ANI ): Prince Harry, who recently made headlines for his bare-assed antics in a Las Vegas V.
Rickson opens with the odd choice of placing Parker's Hedda asleep on an upstage day bed, lying bare-assed with her back to the audience and her dress hiked up around her waist.