bare (one's) teeth

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bare (one's) teeth

To display an angry, violent, or threatening reaction to or against something or someone, as does a dog or wolf when threatened. I will bare my teeth to anyone who tries to take away my land. We seemed to be getting along just fine, but she suddenly bared her teeth when I brought up religion.
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bare one's teeth

Also, show one's teeth. Indicate hostility and readiness to fight, as in His refusal to accept my offer made it clear I'd have to bare my teeth, or In this instance, calling in a lawyer is showing one's teeth. This figurative term transfers the snarl of a dog to human anger. It first was recorded as show one's teeth in 1615.
See also: bare, teeth
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bare your ˈteeth

show your teeth in a fierce and threatening way: The dog bared its teeth and growled.
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Hull, as if to prove the point, enjoyed a fine Cup win over Castleford Tigers last weekend, while the Wolves had to bare their teeth to scrape past a tenacious Wigan Warriors outfit.
The two brothers try to bite each others manes and bare their teeth in the fight before walking off.
On the other hand, the regulators are starting to bare their teeth and the industry is bracing themselves for more financial penalties.'
But he reckons the Foxes will bare their teeth today and can handle the expectation of reaching the Premier League.
The manager said Blues had to 'bare their teeth' during the season run-in and not be frightened by the Premier League relegation battle.
But time will tell as polling day looms ever closer and their respective backbenchers bare their teeth.
TODAY the unions gather for their annual conference with many getting ready to bare their teeth to bite back at planned swingeing cuts to the public sector.
THE latest Irish FA power struggle is set to take a fresh twist as Carling Premiership clubs prepare to bare their teeth.
Bowlers bare their teeth THERE was a surprising amount of female flesh on show in the grandstand at Ascot yesterday, much, so it appeared, to the disdain of those bowler-hatted gentlemen who man the gates.
Alfie had pledged his Welsh team would bare their teeth and fight back after their Twickenham mauling.
Bronze German shepherd dogs, menacing as they strain their leashes, bare their teeth at you; a boy and girl try to escape from a water cannon; other children are glimpsed through prison bars.
Rovers finally began to bare their teeth in the second half and the outstanding Sigurdsson cleared off the line as Irons threatened to finish off a Thomas cross.
So if they do ever meet up, they can just bare their teeth at each other.
The visitors, buoyed three draws and two draws in their last five SPL matches, looked solid in defence and the latter stages were tense as Caley begin to bare their teeth again.
Woodward will look to his front players to bare their teeth against the All Blacks in Wellington today and achieve the victory they need to square the Test series.