bare (one's) soul

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bare (one's) soul

To share one's intimate thoughts or feelings with another person. I don't know Adam that well, so I was surprised that he bared his soul to me. There are very few people I would bare my soul to.
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bare one's soul (to someone)

Fig. to reveal one's innermost thoughts to someone; to tell another person exactly how one feels about someone or something. Mary bared her soul to Jane and Jane told Mary her problems also. You don't have to bare your soul to me. Just tell me why you are crying.
See also: bare, soul

bare one's soul

Reveal one's most private thoughts and feelings. For example, Teenagers rarely bare their souls to their parents; they prefer their peers. This figurative use of the verb bare, which literally means "make bare" or "uncover," dates from a.d. 1000.
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bare your soul

If you bare your soul to someone, you tell them all your private thoughts and feelings. We all need someone we can bare our souls to, someone we can confide in. He seemed to feel no embarrassment about baring his soul in public.
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bare your ˈsoul

tell somebody your deepest feelings: Finally she bared her soul to him, saying she had always loved him.
If you bare something, you remove the covering from it, especially from part of the body.
See also: bare, soul
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Dancers bare their souls and their love of movement is tangible and contagious.
However, before they can bare their souls, they must bare "everything else; it said.
Dating show presented by former Westlife member Brian McFadden and ex-Freshly Squeezed host Laura Jackson in which four male contestants bare their souls in the hope of winning the chance to date one of 40 women.
They step up, bare their souls, sing and dance, then await the judgement of no-nonsense director Zach (ex-EastEnder John Partridge), who has more than a hint of Simon Cowell about him.
But victims such as Mary Shannon should not have to bare their souls on Joe Duffy's Liveline in order to get it.
Under the spell of the hash, the women bare their souls, revealing struggles with fading fame, impending poverty, debilitating depression and breast cancer.
In a statement to a meeting of Birmingham City Council, Coun Whitby challenged all Labour councillors elected by a substantial number of postal votes to ``stand in front of the mirror, bare their souls and ask should we be here
In short, the writers bare their souls through fluid English translations, a rarity.
Listening as people bare their souls, feeding those souls, and helping the healing of body and soul is what makes parish nursing meaningful for Copak.
Here's the dilemma: High-level executives don't want to bare their souls in front of peers, but they need help.
Full marks to the Jacksons for daring to bare their souls in this way.
About 2,000 performers and artisans dressed in ancient English garb will ply their wares and food, bare their souls on stages and educate visitors about what it was like to live in the days of kings and queens.
We live in such a confessional era, everyone wants to get on the afternoon talk shows and bare their souls.