bare (one's) soul

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bare (one's) soul

To share one's intimate thoughts or feelings with another person. I don't know Adam that well, so I was surprised that he bared his soul to me. There are very few people I would bare my soul to.
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bare one's soul (to someone)

Fig. to reveal one's innermost thoughts to someone; to tell another person exactly how one feels about someone or something. Mary bared her soul to Jane and Jane told Mary her problems also. You don't have to bare your soul to me. Just tell me why you are crying.
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bare one's soul

Reveal one's most private thoughts and feelings. For example, Teenagers rarely bare their souls to their parents; they prefer their peers. This figurative use of the verb bare, which literally means "make bare" or "uncover," dates from a.d. 1000.
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bare your soul

If you bare your soul to someone, you tell them all your private thoughts and feelings. We all need someone we can bare our souls to, someone we can confide in. He seemed to feel no embarrassment about baring his soul in public.
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bare your ˈsoul

tell somebody your deepest feelings: Finally she bared her soul to him, saying she had always loved him.
If you bare something, you remove the covering from it, especially from part of the body.
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He must bare his soul in group therapy sessions and avoid contact with female patients or risk expulsion.
STEPHEN Fry will bare his soul on Christmas Day as he faces his toughest physical challenges with adventurer Bear Grylls.
Now, with Newcastle rejuvenated by Chris Hughton and sitting at the top of the Championship, Taylor feels that he can finally bare his soul about the pain of last year's relegation and his decision not to quit the Toon's sinking ship.
OZZY OSBOURNE is unpredictable but he wanted to bare his soul when I interviewed him for a one-hour special that airs this Sunday, October 10 on Radio City at 7pm.
After watching John Hartson bare his soul, every man in the country can be excused for having a grope round the groin.
This guy had the courage to come and stand on the stage and bare his soul to us, and you want to stomp on it.
Don't expect him to bare his soul for publicity's sake and you'll get along just fine.
Father Richard Renshaw, C.S.C., assistant general secretary of the Canadian Religious Conference until 2002, went public on CBC radio on December 4, 2005, where he laid bare his soul in an interview with Michael Enright on Sunday Edition.
(It doesn't help that he chose to bare his soul in a book destined to earn him a six-figure fee.) Charley Hustle apparently believed that his boring tome would answer every question about his past and his immediate reinstatement to baseball's good graces would earn him instant Hall of Fame election.
As a gay man of color, Brown knows how to bare his soul both passionately and quietly.
AWARD-winning writer and director Neil Jordan has swapped drizzly Dublin for the tropical sun to bare his soul.
While Gallo does not bare his soul in this book, he has said privately to me and many others that he was devastated by Crewdson's zealous investigation.
PRIME Minister Gordon Brown has laid bare his soul to tell of the pain and suffering he and wife Sarah experienced after the loss of their baby daughter Jennifer Jane.
In the article, he took the opportunity to bare his soul about certain Church practices.