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At other times, Bare uses his poetic licence to turn things he witnessed into songs.
In fact, having just seen who is playing in the opening match tonight, bare bones certainly don't deserve a mention.
The bare zone is also far from any continents, which are a big source of windblown dust and other particles that drop into the sea.
The combination of bare metal recovery, fast D2D performance and the ability to centrally manage the protection of remote sites enabled with Asigra Televaulting finally gave Miles the data protection solution he had been searching for.
Unfortunately, other networks are also rushing, bare naked and barely clothed, into the chasm of pornography and hedonism.
8-gallon reservoir planned to accompany the Bare Point expansion project are still a go, Scott adds.
There we could remove our high-modernist lenses and distinguish between the "truly incomplete," in the words of the curators, and the "unfinished yet complete"--between the pictures that Cezanne abandoned or slashed (the marks are still visible in the restored Portrait of Alfred Hauge, 1899) and the ones he stepped away from gingerly to avoid upsetting an optimal balance of painted and bare canvas.
As of the expiration of the subsequent offering period at 12:00 midnight, New York City time, on March 11, 2010, combined with the shares tendered in the initial offering period (January 25, 2010 to 12:00 midnight on March 8, 2010, New York City time), a total of 79,953,491 Bare Escentuals' shares were tendered, representing approximately 86.
The limited market expansion includes organic Just BARE boneless skinless chicken breast fillets, the most often purchased chicken product by U.
Bare was flying out of Eugene on a small airplane and the woman seated next to her tried to push down the armrest.
You'd think that if someone went to all the trouble to cook up something as cynical and yet so deviously inspired as ``My Bare Lady,'' they wouldn't muck it up so much with the sort of boringly familiar reality-show tropes that appear in virtually every other competition show.
Including a system's boot structure, file tables, embedded settings and applications requires a more comprehensive approach than traditional file backup tools to enable full bare metal recovery.
The current problems arise because a newly implanted stent doesn't stay bare for long.
Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section: 4911) ("Shiseido"), the Japan-based leading global cosmetics company, announced today the successful completion of a tender offer through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Blush Acquisition Corporation ("Purchaser"), for all outstanding shares of common stock of Bare Escentuals, Inc.
Bare Necessities, the largest online retailer of branded and designer intimate apparel has partnered with Burlesque Star and Fashion Icon, Dita Von Teese, and is now carrying her signature Dita Von Teese lingerie line.