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If the bare shafts hit right of your fletched arrows, your arrows are likely not stiff enough.
Speaking of their latest project to be completed, the Honyaki restaurant, Bare Global spokesperson Emily Cheyne said: "Dubai's Jumeirah Group asked Bare Global to develop a new restaurant concept from scratch for a prime location at Dubai's premier resort destination, the Souk Madinat Jumeirah.
At other times, Bare uses his poetic licence to turn things he witnessed into songs.
"Allergy sufferers have long abandoned carpeted floors for health reasons, and consumers in general have chosen bare floors over carpet for esthetic reasons for a number of years now."
Consequently, Bare Escentuals has fully repaid its senior secured credit facilities and will now become an operating subsidiary of Shiseido, the rater explained.
The Bare Necessities Car is being designed under the Chevrolet brand and is penned to be the 'car with the lowest cost per mile of any four-seater on the road'.
The rate of the composite outcome (death or repeat revascularisation) was 12% for the drug-eluting stents and 15.8% for the bare metal stents (0.40; 0.33-0.49).
(1) This mind-set has driven a service-centric approach to bare base capability and resulted in capability overlap and logistics inefficiency.
For crayon scribbles on hardwood floors and beds stripped bare for pillow forts, we thank you, Lord.
The patch, called the South Pacific Bare Zone, is about the size of the Mediterranean Sea.
When considering the pier, the architects took the bare bones, honest, pared down and matter-of-fact quality of the existing structure as their starting point.
Bosses objected to a "warning" displayed on the sleeve which read: "This DVD is not for the faint-hearted as these boys mean business and blood is drawn regularly." The film, entitled Bare Knuckles Fights, Irish Travellers Boxing Straighteners, is advertised with an image of two topless men circling in a crowd with fists raised.
Anthony Bare (48) dazzled the youngster with gifts and his expensive lifestyle before attacking her.
According to Miles, the bare metal recovery ability and speed of recovery operations have made the new D2D backup an invaluable resource.
The present work explores the nature of bare nominal arguments in Japanese and Korean in conjunction with Chierchia's (1998a) nominal mapping parameter.